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EVENTS - Other / Fisheries Protest
« Last post by David Cooke on July 11, 2019, 11:17:36 AM »
Please Read Attachment
EVENTS - FishOuts & Socials / 2019-06-20 SOCIAL: Summer Solstice Potluck
« Last post by John Pierce on June 21, 2019, 03:40:32 PM »
Great time had by all, many many thanks to Wendy & Ken Evans for hosting (again)!

Sandy McElroy's photos:
Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, (18 Jun 2019)
Place: Silver Threads Centre, 2340 Richmond Rd, Victoria, BC
Chaired By: Dave Cooke
Secretary: Bill Thomas
Called to Order: 9:30 AM
Members Attending:
Minutes of Last Meeting: Adopted as distributed
Items Arising from the Minutes: Jim – Fish Out for September in Prospect Lake, there is a wharf not launch ramp. Thetis is also a choice. Durrance Lake was chosen, last Thursday in September, 26 Sep.
Sunshine: Art – Helen, Pat and Doris won’t be coming. Jim H is not doing well.
  • 6 July Silver Threads – 1-3 pm Romeo, Juliet and Kevin $2.00
  • GRR Summer Solstice Pot Luck at Ken and Wendy’s – GRR is providing a Ham. Pot Luck. 20 Jun, 11:30 AM, 4841 Elk Road. Yummy dish of your choice, be light on desserts, we have cake, bring own cutlery, crockery, chairs etc.
Membership: 23 and one guest Catherine
Fresh Water:
  • Roche Lake Report – fishing was not very good, John P - 3 fish.
  • Jim M – Langford Lake, March Brown and Pumpkinhead, 20 “ fish. Deep 6, go to backing.
  • Winston – Marimichi River, New Brunswick, in John Boat – slow flowing, meandering water. Casting, hooked small trout. Cains River, smaller river, 100’ across, fishing in chest waders, flooding had broken off Alders on shore. Stopped at Atlantic Salmon Museum, worth the trip.
  • Jochen – Diversion Reservoir – WFA – boat fishing and wading. Use Polarized glasses to see fish.
  • Bob C – Prospect Lake – Good fishing for Bass, 73 degrees yesterday.
  • Barry – 76 degrees, Durrance Lake, not good fishing.
Salt Water: Jim – seals are not catch and release, not sure if catch and release works.

Hatchery/Fence: Clipping has begun. Volunteers needed for this Saturday, 10 AM at 2979 Sooke Lake Road.
Environment: Mick – PICI is into field work, restoration on different streams. We will visit site in August. Work dates on Craigflower TBA.
Beaver Dam Management – learning a lot.
New Business: Anyone interested in Ice Fishing, contact John P.
Meeting Adjournment: 10:20 AM
Speaker: An excellent presentation on “Day of the Dead” in Mexico
More pics:
More pics:
Had a great last week fishing and company, final attendees were members Dave Cooke, John Francis, Colin Chadwick and John Pierce.

Fishing OK, two weeks previous were told fantastic Chironomid style.

Have rebooked Chalet under Dave's name for week starting Monday May 18, 2020.
GRR Executive Minutes 4 June 2019

Place: Silver Threads

Chair: Dave Cooke

Secretary: Robert McConnell

Call to Order: 10:30 AM
  • Handheld microphone possibility: the two Johns will discuss the technology
  • Robert, Mick and John P to look at enhancing the club’s conservation activities on our website
  • Legacy Fund – Ron, Jim Macdonald and Robert to present Legacy Fund history and objectives in September
  • Sandy R suggested a first fall fishout in September – date and location to be discussed at June 11 meeting
  • John F authorized to purchase four plastic bins to clear out and organize contents of the metal cupboard
Adjourned: 11:05 AM
Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, (04 June 2019)
Place: Silver Threads Centre, 2340 Richmond Rd, Victoria, BC
Chaired By: Dave Cooke
Secretary: Robert McConnell
Called to Order: 9:30 AM
Members Attending: 14
Minutes of Last Meeting: Adopted as distributed
Items Arising from the Minutes: None

Treasurer: John F presented the May month-end statement: Monthly deficit over-budget due primarily to members’ expenses for out-of-town meetings (eg BCWF), timing of annual rent payment, and Legacy Fund contribution to the World Fisheries Trust herring project.

Sunshine: All’s well.
Social: Next event June at Ken & Wendy Evans’ home. Bring plates, cutlery, seating, and side dishes. The club is providing a ham and a cake for the club’s 41st anniversary. Solange and Sandy R will email details. Some non-driving members will require transportation.
Membership: The latest count is 37 individual members and seven couples.
Fresh Water:
  • John P, fishing with Colin, kept 3 at Prospect Lake, including a 2lb 4 oz rainbow.
  • Ryan topped that with 2 lb 14 oz at Langford.
  • Brian zeroed out at Prospect.
Salt Water: John P and party had a nice boat ride with Good Time Dave.

Fly Tying: No report.
ACS: No report.
Library: No report.
Legacy Fund: No report.
Gillie Club: Dennis is away for the summer.
Speakers Program: No report.
Fund Raising: Bill Gibson’s rods & reels are being assessed by an estate planner. Brian will report on the value to help determine whether the club wants to take them on. Some of Bill’s other fly-tying gear and materials has been donated to the club.

Hatchery/Fence: A new and improved counting fence has now been installed on the Colquitz.
Environment: No report.
Website: No report.
New Business: None
Meeting Adjournment: 10:15 AM
Speaker: No speaker – Executive Meeting.
Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, (11 June 2019)
Place: Silver Threads Centre, 2340 Richmond Rd, Victoria, BC
Chaired By: Rob
Secretary: Bill Thomas
Called to Order: 9:30 AM
Members Attending: 17 members
Minutes of Last Meeting: Adopted as distributed
Items Arising from the Minutes:
  • 20 Jun 2019
  • A Fishing Event for September was suggested, possibly Durrance Lake. Prospect Lake at Golf Course, Jim to investigate.
Fresh Water:
  • Bill – fishing at Tunkwa was not good, food, ambiance was great. Met Mo Bradley, bought his book.
  • St Mary’s Lake – lots of fish yesterday(Monday 10 Jun 2019), some problems of water quality, aeration equipment is there, but not being used.
  • Bob – Cowachin River on Friday, 2 Brown Trout. Just south Lake, downstream of Spring Pool, on a Hares Ear
  • Jim – Langford Lake - Belly boat on water at 6:30 AM, deep 6 Line and 3 ips. 20” RB, then 14” RB, fishing beside aerator, fishing deep, right down to backing.
  • Dale – Fairy Lake – 2 Cut Throats.
Salt Water:
Chris – Good Time Dave – Halibut Day – 1 Strike, 1 Halibut. 45 lbs. Highly recommended.

Fly Tying:
Legacy Fund:
Gillie Club:
Speakers Program: Bob – 18 Jun – Mexico Day of the Dead, 25 Jun – Portage Inlet talk
Fund Raising:

Hatchery/Fence: Clipping 22 Jun – 10:00 AM for four hours
Mick – CRD Board Room – Eco Concrete – Environmentally Friendly Concrete. Nanaimo DFO Conference – elections coming, a Plan for 2018-2022, redo Fisheries Act. 143 M trying to spend. Increasing emphasis on Watershed Data, renewed interest in Data Bases. D. C. Read – restoration of watersheds and Salmon Farming. Net-working was beneficial. PICI project is ongoing, various reports on Swan Creek, Mackenzie Interchange is in Field Work stage, Habitat restoration on Craigflower is ongoing.
Bill – Peninsula Stream – Mary Haig-Brown is new Chair of PS, Release Data of Fry in Todd Creek, interesting, Fund Raiser 9 Nov. GRR 1 Table and donate Fly Box and Flies. If you catch a Salmon out of Prospect Lake, please keep and give to PS (Ian Bruce) or contact me. Freeze salmon whole wrapped in plastic wrap.
Rob – couple of small clam beaches on Saanich Inlet, Oyster are very prevalent. Lots of oysters on Salt Spring Island. Good things do happen.
Jim – question “How do we distinguish Trout from Coho”. If one is not familiar with Coho in fresh water, is there definitive way to distinguish??

New Business:
Meeting Adjournment: 10:25AM
Speaker: No Speaker today
Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, (28 May 2019)
Place: Silver Threads Centre, 2340 Richmond Rd, Victoria, BC

Chaired By: Dave Cooke
Secretary: John Francis, standing in
Called to Order: 9:30 AM
Members Attending: 19 (some members fishing Peter Hope Lake and Buttle Lake)
Minutes of Last Meeting: Adopted as distributed
Items Arising from the Minutes: Legacy Fund-New Aims and strategy to be devised:  Tabled until September
Treasurer: N/A
  • Former member Jim Humphries just home from hospital. Art will contact him regularly.
  • Art spoke to Pat and Helen-both doing well. Note: it is Helen’s 100th birthday next year (8 Feb 2020).
  • Bill’s fly-tying equipment will be given to club, but not his rods or reels.

Social: 20 June afternoon picnic/party at Ken Evans’ house. Details TBA
Membership: N/A
Fresh Water:
  • Buttle Lake (Peter):  Not as good as last year.  Lake level very low—800 steps to carry boat and gear from ramp to lake, with multiple trips.  Fishing so-so.  Red and Yellow fly doing well, Dale had luck using Cowichan Spoon and worm.  Dennis limiting on small spoons.
  • Diversion Reservoir (near Jordan River):  Jochen notified the club that we were welcome to join a WFA group meeting in Sooke on Sunday 2 (A&W at 8 am) June to go inland on ATVs and fish the reservoir.  Fishing can be great.  Please see appendix if you want more details.  Jochen would welcome someone who wants to go and who has a boat with a spare seat in it.  Call Jochen if you wish to go-- 250 478 9572.
  • Spectacle Lake—Ron E.: Ron fished this lake for the first time last week, and caught 5 trout up to 2lbs on a pumpkin head.  Says the Lake would be great for a belly boat (he used a kayak).  Ron also tried to fish Beaver Lake but algae bloom was too fierce.
  • Prospect Lake—Dave C.  Trying out his new inflatable, Dave caught a bass about 5lb.
  • For the record, Underwater Videos: The website where these are available is Humpty's Basstravaganza on Youtube.  I found lots of stuff when I (John) tried but couldn’t locate it in the short time I had.  Looks like a great site.  In any case, I have a copy of the videos.

Salt Water:
Ryan stated that very little was going on in the saltchuck, possibly partly due to the mandatory catch and release regulations for Chinook.

Fly Tying: N/A
ACS: Meeting next week
Library: There are still three overdue books
Legacy Fund: Tabled till September
Gillie Club:  N/A:
Speakers Program: Unfortunately today’s speaker had to cancel at the last minute.  Will be rescheduled in the Fall.
Fund Raising:  N/A

Hatchery/Fence: Art stated that we had an infection which killed a fair number of fry in the tanks.
Environment: (Mick C reporting)
Fish Survey at Beaver/Elk Lake: More work continues this summer.  Mick is hoping that CRD will extend Jill’s contract which is up soon.  Mick optimistic a stewardship group can be put together to work on reducing nutrients into the lake, and other matters.
PICI working with CRD which has some money left in its budget, possibly for further water-quality monitoring.
Mick going to Nanaimo this weekend for two-day meetings on Salmon Enhancement
Lake on Pender Island has been stocked, and fish are biting
On Wednesday 5 June the Restoration Project people will meet at the counting fence at Tillicum, and will see the latest improvements to the area.
Pacific Horticultural Centre inadvertently had a large release of warm and sedimentary water into Beaver Lake.  Investigation ongoing to prevent it in future , and see if any penalties are to be assessed
Website:  N/A
New Business: John P. had suggested to the Executive that we apply for a New Horizons Government Grant.  Dave will follow up with John.
Meeting Adjournment: 10:14 AM
Speaker: Cancelled
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