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2019-06-18: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes
« on: June 20, 2019, 08:01:39 AM »
Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, (18 Jun 2019)
Place: Silver Threads Centre, 2340 Richmond Rd, Victoria, BC
Chaired By: Dave Cooke
Secretary: Bill Thomas
Called to Order: 9:30 AM
Members Attending:
Minutes of Last Meeting: Adopted as distributed
Items Arising from the Minutes: Jim – Fish Out for September in Prospect Lake, there is a wharf not launch ramp. Thetis is also a choice. Durrance Lake was chosen, last Thursday in September, 26 Sep.
Sunshine: Art – Helen, Pat and Doris won’t be coming. Jim H is not doing well.
  • 6 July Silver Threads – 1-3 pm Romeo, Juliet and Kevin $2.00
  • GRR Summer Solstice Pot Luck at Ken and Wendy’s – GRR is providing a Ham. Pot Luck. 20 Jun, 11:30 AM, 4841 Elk Road. Yummy dish of your choice, be light on desserts, we have cake, bring own cutlery, crockery, chairs etc.
Membership: 23 and one guest Catherine
Fresh Water:
  • Roche Lake Report – fishing was not very good, John P - 3 fish.
  • Jim M – Langford Lake, March Brown and Pumpkinhead, 20 “ fish. Deep 6, go to backing.
  • Winston – Marimichi River, New Brunswick, in John Boat – slow flowing, meandering water. Casting, hooked small trout. Cains River, smaller river, 100’ across, fishing in chest waders, flooding had broken off Alders on shore. Stopped at Atlantic Salmon Museum, worth the trip.
  • Jochen – Diversion Reservoir – WFA – boat fishing and wading. Use Polarized glasses to see fish.
  • Bob C – Prospect Lake – Good fishing for Bass, 73 degrees yesterday.
  • Barry – 76 degrees, Durrance Lake, not good fishing.
Salt Water: Jim – seals are not catch and release, not sure if catch and release works.

Hatchery/Fence: Clipping has begun. Volunteers needed for this Saturday, 10 AM at 2979 Sooke Lake Road.
Environment: Mick – PICI is into field work, restoration on different streams. We will visit site in August. Work dates on Craigflower TBA.
Beaver Dam Management – learning a lot.
New Business: Anyone interested in Ice Fishing, contact John P.
Meeting Adjournment: 10:20 AM
Speaker: An excellent presentation on “Day of the Dead” in Mexico