Author Topic: 2019-09-24: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes  (Read 4 times)

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2019-09-24: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes
« on: September 26, 2019, 09:14:54 PM »
Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, (24 Sep 2019)
Place:  Silver Threads Centre, 2340 Richmond Rd, Victoria, BC
Chaired By:  Dave Cooke
Secretary:  Bill Thomas
Called to Order:  9:30 AM
Members Attending: 26 members, Welcome Chris
Minutes of Last Meeting: Adopted as distributed
Items Arising from the Minutes:
Treasurer: Get Thrifty and Fairway Cards, available from John F. These really do help us.
Brian Palas – Pat had small heart attack, in hospital, being stabilized.
Roberts Funeral – 4 members attended, very much appreciated by family.
Social: Thanksgiving Dinner, 17 Oct at 5:00 pm at Silver Threads. Turkey will be provided by club. Pot luck for appetizers, salads, desserts.
Fresh Water:
Jim – Sooke River – brought in Maribou, (mix colours) sparse is good. Slow easy casting, no fish.
Bill – going on Thursday, 1:30 PM High tide
Durrance – Barry and Dale, trout, 14 and 16 inches
Winston – Nichola Fish and Game Club won decision for access to 2 small lakes against Douglas Lake Cattle Company
Salt Water:
Ryan – 18 Coho, anchovy, spoons
Ron – 100 up to surface, Coho, 2-3 Km out
Fly Tying:
Location to be decided
Legacy Fund:
Ron – starting meetings to establish guidelines for use, members Dave Larson, Ron, Sandy Raven, Jim and Ron
Gillie Club:
– selling fly tying equipment and spoons for funds for Legacy Fund
- Pipe line speaker, see Dennis
Speakers Program:
Bob – speaker is scheduled on 17 Dec, on Polar Bears
Fund Raising:

Put Fence in last Tuesday in Goldstream, no fish to fence yet.(yesterday)
4311 Coho clipped by GRR
Dates for GRR Clipping Wednesday, 16 Oct, 10:30 am, Monday, 18 Nov, 10:30 am
Colquitz Fence (behind Tillicum Mall)
– going in on Thursday at 1:00 pm
- We are supplying a crew Thursday mornings
- No Fish yet, but fish are staging, lots of fish in waterfront
New Business:
Meeting Adjournment: 9:50 AM
Speaker: A excellent presentation on Mushrooms