Author Topic: 2020-02-04: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes  (Read 5 times)

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2020-02-04: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:50:41 PM »
Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, (4, 02, 2020)

Place: Silver Threads Centre, 2340 Richmond Rd, Victoria, BC

Chaired By: Sandy McElroy

Secretary: Christopher Wade

Called to Order: 9:30 AM

Members Attending: 24

Minutes of Last Meeting: Adopted as distributed

Items Arising from the Minutes: none

Treasurer: John Francis - Jan. Financial report

Sunshine: Fidel absent

Social: Solange V. FEB. 4, 2020 Helen Wells 100th Birthday Potluck at Silver Threads Center Time 11:15. Volunteers to help setup while exec meeting is underway (10:15-11:15).

Membership: Barry F. Remember to sign in

Freshwater: Ron D.
1. Dale Prospect Lake - trolling- Caught quite a few trout using a sinking line with tom thumb/double humpy
2. Ron D. recommended trying a Gomphus fly (type of dragon fly nymph) - the club has some to buy
3. March fish out dates next week - consensus on $ 2.00 hotdogs

Salt Water: Ryan A.
1. Charter out of Becher Bay catching salmon at Race Rocks
2. John F. has booked an all day halibut and salmon charter with Good Time Dave for Aug 14, 2020- 2 spots - $ 200.00/spot

Fly Tying: Dave R - GRR at Winstons Sat. Feb 1, 2020 -10:30- check chat for directions.

ACS: Brian none

Library: Colin – new book available next week.

Legacy Fund: Sandy M. Barry requested motion to approve policies and procedures for the Legacy Fund so moved by Ron D. 2nd Wynn B.

Gillie Club: Denis G. - Check the trip table for information
1.Spaces for Buttle Lake and Cluxewe are becoming limited
2.May Fishing Trips
Talk to Dennis about Buttle Lake.
Talk to Ron D. about Knouff Lake.
Talk to Dave C. about Roche Lake.
3.Dennis made up a sample of his favorite fly for Pinks
4. Will bring in donated items next week - most are new in box

Speakers Program: Bob C.

Future topics:
1. Lily Jansen Fisheries Officer Orca preservation
2. Cost of Climate Change
3. Assisted Dying
4. Fresh water fishing Dale

Fund Raising: Sandy McElroy - Budget to be confirmed at exec meeting.

Hatchery: Next GRR clip date Feb, 10, 2020

Environment: Mick absent

Website: Pass word changed.

New Business: none

Meeting Adjournment: 10:15

Speaker: None - Exec Meeting