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Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Esquimalt Anglers
Zoom Meeting Minutes, Dated 13 Sep 2022
Place:  No Zoom
Chaired By:  Dave Cooke
Secretary:  Bill Thomas
Called to Order:  9:30 AM
Members Attending: No attendance taken
Minutes of Last Meeting: No minutes
Items Arising from the Minutes: n/a
Treasurer: John F.  No report
Sunshine: No report
Social: Bob and Bill
 No corn roast.
Will be doing Soup Competition in Goldstream Park in Nov, Date TBD
Dave C to arrange tour of Duncan Hatchery
Membership: No report
Fresh Water:  Dave C, Bill, etc. all report great fishing in Campbell River for Pinks. Dale reported many Pinks in Cluxewe
Barry and Dale discussed Carp fishing in Elk Lake. Dale to bring an example of gear required to this for next meeting. A day of Carp fishing was suggested for Club
Salt Water: Bob and Ron fished Beecher Bay, springs 10 and 12 lbs. Bob and Peter fished with Anchovies. Sandy fished Poet Nook for 4 days. Good fishing. Lost 11 fish to seals.
Fly Tying: Dave R is away. Saturday tying will resume in mid Sep
Hatchery - Bill
Clipping to resume in Oct, date TBD
Phil Grayson passed away in August.
PSS - Bill
Repairing Atkins Fishway from damage from Nov 21 flooding. Suggest a donation
80-100 m of spawning beds put in Colquitz last month. Over 800 coho fry found in river during this work.
Booth at Saanich Fair, over 500 visitors. Raised profile with many people
 ACS - Bill
Minutes in GRR chat
HBFFA - Bill
Their 45 Anniversary this year as well
Fund Raising – 6 Salmon cards available, $25.00 a set.
A new Cowachin River map, updated and larger, available $20.00
 Fur and Hair- Bill
I have moose, deer, wolf hair available, see me after meeting.
Library: books available
Legacy Fund: no report
Gillie Club: No Zoom available, Dennis could not give report
Buttle Lake: no report
Speakers Program: Bob C
Request input from Members. If members would like to present or suggest speakers, that would be greatly appreciated.
 UVic Speakers will be presenting again this year.
Fund Raising: no report
Environment: Mick –
July was Lake Appreciation Month
Copley Park Restoration
WFT – Gorge Creek
Elk Lake dock – installation this week. There will be an official opening by CRD.
Discussed 30 Year Water Plan
Website: John P away. New Zoom connection is up and running
New Business:
Dirk to speak next week on fishing dock
Sandy Raven has volunteer to be Treasurer
Jerry volunteered for Membership
Need more volunteers for Executive Positions
Executive Meeting
Next week, 20 Sep 2022, following meeting
Meeting Adjournment: 10:45 AM
Speaker: Dirk

DATE: Jun 21

LOCATION: Esquimalt Anglers & Zoom

OPEN: 9:35am by DaveC


ATTENDENCE: 17 plus 2 on Zoom.

SUNSHINE: Verbal, not recorded in public written minutes.

1) Received $1000 from Saanich for Elk Lake Fishing Dock Rebuild Project.
2) Received first of two $2500 from BCWF for Oak Bay Water Quality Measurement Study.

1) Dale & Barry: Prospect Lake yesterday landed 19 small mouth bass only one large 2# on Gulp brand worms, went back to trout, landed 15.
2) Ryan: Limit rainbow and cutthroat on Prospect Lake Sunday.

1) JohnP: Crabbing end of Esquimalt Dock at Fishing Station, will pull trap after meeting.
2) JohnP: Clammed and oysters at Fanny Bay with IraP.
3) DaveC: Heard halibut fishing is good.

FLY TYING: JohnP home Saturday June 25 @ 10am.

INSTRUCTION: DaveR to email out info sheet on casting tips and traps. Also taught casting at West Coast Fly Fishers Summer BBQ.

SOCIAL: Tuesday June 28 is Annual Potluck at Ken Evans, see Chat Email invitation. JohnP to give map directions to Elk Road.


MEETINGS: None further through summer, next meeting Tuesday Sep 13, 2022.


ADJOURN: 10:04am.
7 Jun Mins
Esquimalt Anglers

Attendance: Will Thomas, Brian Palas, Winston, Lee, Barry, Careene, Don Bartlett, Dave Robinson, Ira, Art, Sandy, Ryan, Gerry, Zoom: Peter, Pat, Dale, Jim, Mike

On a motion by Sandy, seconded by Brian, mins were adopted as presented.

Intro: 2 guests Carene Robertson Fish all her life, Don Bartlett - fresh water Salmon

Sunshine: no report Ron Duncan to see how John is.

Peter and Pat in Buttle Lake were at Buttle Lake, Peter is doing well

Ryan was thanked by Jim for his phone calls

Treasurer Report: we are in good shape

Fresh Water: Buttle Lake Bill got 14 fish. Dale landed over 100 fish over the 2 weeks, Dennis got the biggest fish, 15". A couple of  Dolly Varden were caught and released. There was a bear in campsite for the period GRR was there. Recommended we don't leave peanuts or bird seed out for him!

Salt Water: Oak Bay starting to show, but no retention Halibut: 9-15 lbs

Hatchery – feeding fry
PSS – active in writing grants
ACS – mins available soon
WFA - looking for Fly Casting Instructor for their Clinic at Sooke River Campground on 16 Jun. A BBQ follows.

Fly Tying - Florin will be doing Fly tying this weekend

Elk Lake Dock - received $1000 from Rotary
Legacy - $1000 to PSS
A Company has been selected to build Elk Lake Dock

John F - stepping down as Treasurer/Membership at end of year
Mick - stepping down as Conservation Director

Adjourn: 10:04 AM
Golden Rods & Reels Society
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
May 31, 2022
Dave Cooke opened the meeting at 9:30am
Two prospective members were introduced
The minutes were accepted as read.
Membership: 16 members at meeting and 4 on Zoom
Treasurer: Report next week
Sunshine: Ron will get in touch with John Guinance
Social: Pot luck will be scheduled at Ken Evens home on January 28
Fresh Water:
1) Winston fished Hathaway Lake. Lots of intermittent wind caused many problems.
2) Sandy and Ron reported that fishing was tough on Peterhope Lake. It was windy, cold and hailed many times. Bob C and Mohamed both enjoyed their visit to the lake despite the inclement weather.
3) Ira fished Durrance Lake with a Booby and Ruby eyed Leech. Caught many fish and the largest fish was 19in.
4) Colin and others fished Lac Des Roche with very little success because of wind and hail.
5) Sandy had a different Peterhope adventure. Caught one fish early on.  Kamloops Hospital is a nice refuge from the cold. Bob and Sandy caught a fish each on the last day.
Saltwater: Fish are being caught and released by guides out of Sooke and Metchosin         
Tony visited the Okavango and saw 500-600 fish of various species in a pool.       
Library:  Books are now shelved and available. Sign out books on the honour system.
Fly Tying: Dave will continues with Zoom presentations or in person fly tying depending on the wishes of members, Mukulak Sedge will be one of the flies demonstrated this coming Saturday.
Legacy: Conditional commitments made to Peninsula Stream to do coordination and support of water quality. Approval of funding received for PSF so we will send them a donation of $1000 to use for water quality work. Present balance of the legacy fund is $3700

1) We have a WFT funding commitment by our club.  BCWF has given us $5000 to use for work on Elk/Beaver Lake water quality study to assess conditions before the Oxygenation equipment is installed.  GRR will have control of disbursement of funds as work proceeds.
2) Elk Lake dock project was boosted by $109,000 from Federal Govt.
3) Sannich Rotary will give the club $1000 for use to support the dock project.
4) A celebration will be planned to publicize the project being completed. Watershed security fund will be informed about our conservation projects.
New Business: 
Treasures position and Conservation officer position will be open next year. So please consider being a possible candidates for these positions.
GRR Minutes 3 May 2022

Dale, Bob, Barry, Chris, Brian, Ken, Dave, Lia, Bill, Brian, Ryan, Gerry, Mick, Lee,

Zoom: Dennis, Wendy, Mike, Peter, Ron E, Jim, Pat

Mins On a motion by Barry, seconded by Dale, minutes adopted as presented.

Good morning to Zoom members

Introduction of Guests: Bill/Lia

Sunshine: Not recorded in public Minutes.

Treasurer: No report

Membership: Discussed acquisition and loss of Members. List will be sent to BCWF this week and forwarded to GRR members.

Fresh Water Fishing:
Brian - Prospect, Green Bunny Leech
Dale – Prospect - dozen RB Trout on Thursday, landed 16. 2-5 'off bottom. Bunny Leech, white tailed, chartreuse fly, 1 1/2 to 2 mi/h.
Dennis - Elk Lake - lots of algae and slime. Quality of water was very poor. Trolling with down riggers, 1 small trout
Langford Lake - reported water quality was poor, slime and algae.

Salt Water Report
Bob C - Beecher Bay 1 good strike, slow. Fish can be retained from Beecher Bay.

Library: Discussed at GRR Exec this week

Hatchery Bill - feeding fish
Putting fry in Sooke Bay net pen
Attended Fanny Bay open house this Sunday 40 booths, 640 attended
PSS: Grants coming in
Array on Millstream recording fry
ACS - meeting this week

BCWF: AGM mins not available yet

Speakers: Begin in Sept

Fly Tying: Dave - Florin Tying this Saturday, email to follow.

Conservation Mick
- BCWF $5000 from BCWF for Elk Lake for water analysis.
- work projected to done in Sept. for Elk Lake
- Acknowledged: That water quality in Elk Lake is very poor and lake is infested with invasive
- BEEs: Are boots on the ground
- New: Fishing dock is in the works
- Josie Osborne - Fishery Minister - better management of resources of Fishery.
- Indigenous Relations - consultation, stewardship groups will increase
- Brian Wilks - Articles on rethinking climate change and water management.
- Government: Funds $30 M available. $15 M go to Conservation Groups (BCWF, Ducks Unlimited), $15 M to Indigenous groups.
- Consider: Donating $1000 to PSS in the next few months
- Emergency Preparedness event for Seismic event needs to be considered.

Social: Potluck in June at Kens

May Plant Sale: 4724 West Saanich (St Michael's Church) this weekend

Website: Remove Shelbourne address

Meetings – no meetings, 17, 24 May, GONE FISHING

Business Cards and Brochures: quotes done for Business and Rack Cards. Need plan to distribute rack cards before we purchase. Decide if rack cards are worth it? Send email out of picture of cards and rack cards.

Install screen at Esquimalt Anglers soon

Adjournment: 10:52 am
Golden Rods & Reels Society
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
April 26, 2022

CHAIR: Dave Cooke opened the meeting at 9:31am

SECRETARY: John Pierce

ATTENDANCE: 18 attended in person, 7 via Zoom, no Guests.
SUNSHINE (Wendy Gedney): Not posted publicly.

TREASURER: No report.

1) Local lakes (Durrance, Prospect etc) stocked last week with trout.
2) Dale & Barry fished Prospect Lake last week 4 Cutthroat, 25 Rainbow, most small, few 14", leeches were good, dark olive bunny leech was best.
3) Lev fished Prospect last week in few showers.
4) Ron at Durrance last Friday, lots of Dunns hatch but oddly only saw one rise. Sinking leader, caught several on nymph until fed up with Bald Eagle.
5) Real Estate Company sponsored Fishing Derby on May 14 on Peter Hope Lake, BC Interior. SandyM to attend.

SALT WATER: No reports, Judge overturned Fed Govt decision to close Salmon Farms.

LIBRARY (Sandy McElvoy): Micheal Corry generously donated bookshelf now located in Club House. Six boxes books moved into cupboard.

GILLIE (Dennis Gedney): Den will take out a prospective new member he's been talking with, in his boat sometime soon. Also Dennis donated a small fly tying station he made to the VTRA annual virtual auction. (Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association) and if the person winning the bid for the fly fishing package wants to become a member, Dennis will pay for that person's membership to the GR&R for the rest of the year.

SPEAKER PROGRAM (Bob Comerford): No more for season as a lot of people planned away fishing in May.

1) Sooke Net Pen: Last Sat 300k Chinook fry went in, large ~2.5" as from Nitinat Hatchery where raised in warm water. Will stay in pen and released ~ May 1, then pen cleaned and then second load will be added. All marked, a number coded wire tagged.
2) Goldstream Hatchery: Feeding ongoing.
3) Peninsula Stream: Successful on several Grants including Forage Fish. AGM is May 28, location TBC.
4) BCWF: AGM was last week and virtual with < 100 attendees out of 43K Members (Region 1 Van Isle is 10K).

ENVIRONMENT (Mick Collins): No report.

WEBSITE: Nothing to report.

SOCIAL (Bob Comerford & Bill Thomas):
1) June: Elk/Beaver Lake hut to be booked for Fishout & Chilli cookoff.
2) August Corn Roast: Need coordinator.
There was a good turnout for the fish out at Durrance Lake.   With 22 folks sitting around chatting and enjoying camaraderie and hotdogs.
3) Duncan Freshwater Hatchery Tour: David Cooke to investigate for September.

FLY TYING: Zoom this Saturday, Dave on Parachute Flies.

LEGACY: No report.

FUND RAISING (Barry Freeman): No report.

NEW BUSINESS: Wynn proposed join KMS point back program to club, which includes 30% off if registered, Dave Cooke to investigate.
Golden Rods & Reels Society
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
April 19, 2022
Dave Cooke opened the meeting at 9:30am
Ron Duncan, recording secretary
The minutes were accepted as read.
Membership: 12 members attended
Treasurer:  No report
Sunshine: Not posted publicly.

Social: Corn Roast will be held in August.
 There was a good turnout for the fish out at Durrance Lake.   With 22 folks sitting around chatting and enjoying camaraderie and hotdogs.
Fresh Water:
Ron E reported a huge mayfly hatch at Durrance on Sunday. Lots of swallows but fish were very hard to catch except one guy who had success was fishing a floating line and a DR. Spratley.
Dale fished Prospect and landed 23 fish trolling. Dale reports that 45-46 degree lake water makes it hard to catch fish but it improves immensely when temperature rise to 50%.

Saltwater:  Some fish being caught in Becher Bay and fishing catch and release has been successful           
Fly tying: None this week as Dave is unavailable
A discussion about fishing near Buttle Lake revealed that the Elk River fished weil in May and Loveland Bay also was a good place for fishing,  Ron E had a successful fish at Elk River.

Fund Raising:
Hatchery: Sooke net pen needs volunteers, members are encourage to help out.
Environment: Mick promoted national volunteer week with members and expressed appreciation to members who have supported the conservation work in the area.
Elk Lake restoration process has been started by CRD by asking for proposals for the first stage of remediation.
New Business:
Speaker today talks about "Coral survival in the ocean".
Mike will be donate a bookcase to the club if it's needed
Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Zoom Meeting Minutes, 11 Apr 2022
Place:  Esquimalt Anglers
Chaired By:  John Francis
Secretary:  Bill Thomas
Called to Order:  9:30 AM
Members Attending: Sandy, Brian, Dale, Dave R, Ira, Colin, Bob C, Sandy R, Art, Lee, Ryan, John F, Bill, Mohamed
Zoom: Gerry, Ron, Tony, Mike, Brian, Dennis, Wendy, Ken, Mick, Sven, Jim, Peter, Pat

Minutes of Last Meeting: On a motion by Sandy M, seconded by Ira, minutes adopted as emailed. CARRIED
Items Arising from the Minutes: Nil
Treasurer: John F.
It was decided to purchase 500 Business Cards $54.00 and 500 Rack Cards $160.00.
Finances are in good shape and report has been sent to Exec for review.
Sunshine: Wendy: Not recorded in public forum.
Social: Bob and Bill: nothing now
Fresh Water:
Brian C and Bill – Prospect – good fishing with Bulldog and Tiger Bunny Leech
Dale – Langford – Fair – light brown with grizzly hackle
Salt Water: No Rep
Fly Tying: Dave R – look for details for Saturday in email.
Library: Sandy M
Sandy will be bringing down books soon.
Bookcase to be installed, waiting liaison with Esquimalt Anglers.
Brian and Dale to assist with moving Bookcase
Library will be run on Honour System
Legacy Fund:
Gillie Club: Dennis
Buttle Lake: Dennis
Speakers Program:
Fund Raising:

Hatchery, PSS, BCWF, ACS: Bill T
Still Ponding Fish
Sooke Net Pen needs assistance
ACS – Draft mins forwarded to GRR
BCWF AGM – 23-24 Apr 2022 detail on BCWF Website
Environment: Mick –
WFT, PSS etc. waiting on grant applications
Elk Lake Fishing Dock - ongoing
New Business: Installation of Projection Screen - Gary and Mohamed
Meeting Adjournment: 10:05 am
Speaker: Kelli Standuhar, RN, PhD, FCAHS, Professor, School of Nursing & Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health. kis@uvic.ca.
8 snaps, cold day!
Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, Dated 29 MARCH 2022

Place:  Esquimalt Anglers and Zoom

Chaired By:  Dave Cooke

Secretary:  Bill Thomas

Called to Order:  9:36 AM

Members Attending:  Dave Cooke, John Francis, Bill Thomas, Dale, Barry, Dave Robinson, Colin, Brian Palas, Ron, Sandy, Lee, Gary, Mick, Gary, Bob, Will, Gerry, Mick, Art, Sandy, Peter, Ron Estay
Zoom: Tony, Jim, Dennis, Wendy, Wynn

Minutes of Last Meeting: On a motion by Colin, seconded by Dale, minutes adopted as emailed. Carried

Items Arising from the Minutes: Dale's flies for New Members

Treasurer: John F.  No Report

Sunshine: Confidential.

Social: Fish out at Durrance Lake, Wednesday, April 13. Hot Dogs and coffee provided by club.


Fresh Water:
Colin, Dale and Brian: Prospect – lots of fish, last Thursday and this Monday.
Tony - Durrance, lots of fish. A hatch happened, lots of feeding.
Barry – Prospect 1 RB, 16 in

Salt Water:
Bob and Ron – Constance Bank and in front of Esquimalt Anglers – Chinook, limited out in 2 hours. 62 cm – 59 cm. Caught on Skinny G with red stripe, anchovy and 4" spoon.
Note: Salmon Heads to Salmon Program

Fly Tying: No Zoom tying this week

ACS: Meeting next Wednesday

Library: Books will be moved to Esquimalt Anglers location. We need to put up book shelf.

Legacy Fund: No report, $3000 currently earmarked for projects.

Gillie Club: Dennis – Buttle Lake 7 people signed up. Cluxewe – 11 people
Speakers Program: Today: Rise of Super Bugs    
April: Live well until you die
April 19: Intervention Strategy for Cold Survival in Warming Ocean.

Fund Raising:

Hatchery/Fence: clipping is completed. New study, in-line rearing.

Environment: Mick
Funding – WFT/Coastal Collaborative/PSS No successful funding grants yet.
Covid Monies – $374,000 from Habitat Foundation last year - PSS, WFT successful. Zoom meetings have shown to be very successful.
Elk Lake Port Folio – available for viewing

2 chat lines, a 2nd chat line for Social and fishing discussions. Check with John Pierce. Worthwhile investigating.
GRR marketing – our website is excellent.
New members be given a fly box of flies for: Lakes, Sooke River (Chum) and Pink Salmon.
In Member Only section: The experienced GRR anglers write up their knowledge of lakes they have fished. A tour for members of local lakes and rivers to fish (Sooke, Cowachin, Campbell rivers). New Members would find this very helpful. 
More local day fishouts by Club.

New Business: 

Meeting Adjournment: 10:04 AM