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Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club
held at Esquimalt Anglers 1101 Munro St
in Person and Zoom Meeting Minutes,
Dated  Sept 19  2023

Place: Esquimalt Anglers and Zoom 9:30 Am

Chaired By: Bill Thomas

Secretary: Bob Comerford

Called to Order: 9:30 AM

Attendees: Bill, Bob, Mike, Lee, Rob, Barry, Gunnar, Ryan, Tony, Kobus, Grant, Andre.

Members Attending by Zoom: Dave Robinson, Mike Cory. Mick

Motion to accept the minutes last meeting: Moved by Barry and seconded by Mike.

Items Arising from the Minutes: Bob, Rob, for soup at November social. We need three more soup makers. We also need fly's for fly boxes for new members. Please give them to Barry.

Treasurer Sandy Raven: Doing 2024 budget. See chat line for details

Sunshine Wendy Gedney: Card for Ron Duncan. Bob saw Ron on his 80th Birthday party. He is very thin, but his spirit is up, he is cheerful and he is looking forward to getting back fishing.
Social Bob, Mike: November meet up At Goldstream. Date to be announced. 


Fresh Water: Dale was fishing Thursday, went to Elk lake no bites for 45 minutes, water temp good for trout, By noon he landed many carp, lost a big one. 22 fish caught. 68 degrees temp on surface. Dale mentioned that carp fishing is a lot of fun. If interested ask him for his method. Dennis reported low water at Cowichan, Son catching large cutthroat on purple Kokanee spoon 60ft depth 300ft water depth. Tony fished for bass, caught two small bass. Beaver lake was too full of weeds. Dale asked for some fly's to copy for the Sooke river. Bill Thomas will bring in some of his proven winners

Salt Water: Sooke is good fishing for coho. 40% are clipped. % wild. All wilds have to be released. Someone caught a 20lb spring in Sooke bay. Halibut fishing has been slow. Anchovies were best fishing right now.

Fish outs: October

Fly Tying: Dave will be away for two weeks. Florin will do a streamer pattern. 9:00am for chat 10:00am fly tying.

Hatchery: Not putting fence in till 26 September. Clipping this Thursday. Meet ay the gate 11:00am -3:00pm


Legacy Fund: 

Gillie Club:
Speakers Program: Police officer talking on fraud and how to prevent it. Club members gave their own expeiences with scams. Be careful of e-tranfering money to people on Facebook market place. If you don't recognise the ph.# don't answer the phone. Contact police if you have been scammed.   

Fund Raising: Use your Fairway card. 5% of your bill goes to the club.

Environment: Mick Full report will be given next week. 


New Business: Executive meeting first Tuesday in October

Meeting Adjourned 11:00am. Moved by Barry seconded by Bill.
Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club
held at Esquimalt Anglers 1101 Munro St
in Person and Zoom Meeting Minutes,
Dated  September 12  2023

Place: Esquimalt Anglers and Zoom 9:30 Am

Chaired By: Bill Thomas

Secretary: Bob Comerford

Called to Order: 9:30 AM

Attendees: Bob, Bill, Dale, Tony, Grant, Norman. Lyle, Peter, Ryan,  Kobus ,Mike ,Jens ,Sandy M. Sandy Raven, Andre, Lee, Ira, Barry Rob, Ted, Gerry, Dave, Ian Murray (guest), Daniel
Members Attending by Zoom: Mike Cory, Dave Robinson, Ken Evans

Motion to accept the minutes last meeting: Moved by Barry, seconded by Mike

Items Arising from the Minutes: Barry mentioned that the rowers are more safety oriented on Elk Lake. Last meeting it was mentioned that there was a near miss with one of the rowers.

Treasurer Sandy Raven: See Sandy for details. Also see Sandy for Fairways card.

Sunshine: Wendy Gedney. Ron Duncan's cancer has worn him down. No energy, he is sorry he cannot be at the meeting. Card to be here next Tuesday for everyone to sign

Social Bob, Mike: Corn Roast was held at Island view beach 29th of August  Lots of corn was eaten, thanks to everyone who brought food. Island View Beach is a great spot for the event Next social will be in November at Goldstream. Five volunteers for soup will be needed.

Membership: 25 members and 1 guest at today's meeting

Fresh Water: Dale mentioned that he has been catching Carp at Elk Lake. The water is still too warm for trout fishing. Fishing at Cluxue and Keyhole rivers. No fish showed up. Dale landed three dolly Varden. Dennis Kidney caught one Pink Salmon. Previous years there were huge amounts of pinks in both rivers. No one seems to know why they are not Spawning in the rivers.   Lots of Pinks were being caught around Malcom Island Malcom Island. Lyle reported on how over fishing can deplete a run. It was noted that Pink Salmon are now spawning in the rivers of the North west territories. Norman talked about Filleting carp and cook it like any other fish. He said it was tasty. People questioned whether fish caught in Elk lake were safe to eat. Mike Cory said that on your fishing license in fine print says you should avoid large Bass in all lakes of B.C. Sandy went fishing with Lev on Prospect lake. Landed a couple, hooked a couple.

Salt water: Peter's boat is in for repair. Salt water fishing has been good off the waterfront. Springs have been good. It is slowing down now. Pink salmon fishing is over. Coho are starting to show up. Best place now is Sooke, Otter point, Becher Bay. Skinny G Spoons. Halibut fishing is slow. Tony: Sooke off Secretary Island Limited out on Pinks. Went out on Aug. 29th off Secretary. Hooked into 9 springs. Brought home two in the 15 lb range. Lyle mentioned there is no fishing between otter point and race Rocks, a mile out. Grant was at Murphy's Lodge with two friends at Kyuquot Sound. Fishing was great. Nine ling cod in 20 minutes. 12 lb range. All limited out on springs. One halibut. $2700 cost plus tax and $250 for tips. See Grant for booking details. Dave Robinson fished at fishing lodge north of Prince Rupert, all limited out in cohos, caught halibut and pinks. They fished with bucktails, came back with 50 lbs of fish. Grant came back with 100 lbs.

Fish outs: None planned at this time 

Fly Tying: Dave will let you know by Friday is there is fly tying this Saturday 

Hatchery: Clipping has begun-Thursday, Sept 21 11:00am. Meet at the gate. Let Bill know if you are interested. This is a good opportunity for anyone to see what goes on at the hatchery. Salmon in the schools project are looking for aquariums 30-50 gallon. If you know of anyone looking to donate please let Bill know.

PSS – Attended Music in the Park and the Saanich Fair—It was a success in putting PSS in the eyes of the public. PSS is working on putting riffles and spawning beds in various creeks, Millstream and Colquitz 

BCWF:  no report

ACS: no report

WFA:   Had a successful Fishout ,

Library: No Report

Legacy Fund: 

Gillie Club:
Speakers Program:   

Fund Raising: See Sandy for Fairways card

Environment Mick:  1/ Highways Ministry is planning to add bus lanes on the highway between McKenzie and the Colwood exit. The project manager McElhanney had a guided tour of the Galloping Goose bridge which crosses Craigflower Creek north of the HandyDART site. The bridge will be replaced. The stewardship groups provided input including the opportunity for a raingarden approach to handling stormwater.
2/ Thursday Sept.14 Mick is attending an online meeting organized by World Fisheries Trust and CRD Parks to discuss a potential beaver management workshop. Thursday Sept. 21 Mick has arranged an online meeting with the Regional hydrologist Dan Ciobaturo and stakeholders to discuss updating the water balance model for Elk/Beaver Lake and further analysis of the annual hydrological cycle for the Craigflower Creek watershed.
3/ Mick presented a 2 page submission to the CRD Board in person in support of Raincoast Conservation Foundation (RCF)Healthy Waters project in the Salish Sea. The Board approved up to $250,000 contribution for water quality analysis in Tod Creek watershed4/ The oxygenation installation at Elk lake is completed and being monitored . It will be featured as part of the BC Lake Stewardship conference  Sept. 23/24 at the Power to Be venue at Prospect Lake. There will be 50 delegates and the online version is still accepting registrations.


New Business: April 26,27,28 2024 Victoria Out Door show. Volunteers needed. We got six new members from last years show. See Mike for Pins available for $10.00. Barry needs flies for new members. Bill to order more fly boxes.

Meeting Adjourned. 11:00 am Motion to adjourned by Mike seconded by Lyle. Executive meeting next Tuesday.
24 people attended and enjoyed all the yummy dishes and SilverRill corn. Thanks to every one who attended to keep this important tradition going. Thanks for bringing your wonderful dishes as well.
Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club
held at Esquimalt Anglers 1101 Munro St
in Person and Zoom Meeting Minutes,
Dated June 27, 2023

Place: Esquimalt Anglers and Zoom 9:30 Am

Chaired By: Bill Thomas

Secretary: Tony Otten

Called to Order: 9:30 AM

Attendees: Bill, Gunnar, Barry, Lee, Dennis, Peter, Ian, Kobus, Ian, Brian, Winston, Tony, Mick, Colin, Norman, Winston, Dale, Jim, Andre, Gunnar, Jens, Dave.
Members Attending Zoom:  Mike, Jim, Dennis

Minutes of Last Meeting: Motion to accept moved by Mike seconded by Norm

Items Arising from the Minutes: None

Treasurer Sandy Raven: No Report

Sunshine Wendy Gedney: No Report

Social: Pot Luck Lunch get together is tomorrow June 28th at Ken Evans home starting at 11am


Fresh Water: Dale and Barry – Fished Carp at Elk Lake - caught 4 fish but they were not very active as water Temp had dropped (Recipe for Carp is Niblets corn, Strawberry or Raspberry Jello, and Panko - do not use city water but a little lake water to mush the bait together)

Salt Water: 30 lb Halibut was caught off Williams Head Peter reported on Rockfishing that one has to have a descending device and an angler was recently fined $800 for not having one.

Fish outs: None Planned - Bill Thomas booked 3 rooms at Campbell River on aug 8th to 10th - there is one spot left sharing a room and Bill will check if any more are available - contact Bill if you wish to go.

Fly Tying: Reconvenes in Sept.

Hatchery: Quiet at the Hatchery – 110,000 Coho ponded and 300,000 Chum released – Club will be asked to help clip fish when required

PSS: Array placed in Millstream 1,000 pit tagged Coho recorded. Array in Goldstream and 5,400 pit tagged Coho recorded - interesting observation was that fish do not swim directly to the ocean but move back and forth from Fresh to Salt water becoming acclimatised
Kyle Armstrong is now heading up PSS and replaced Ian Bruce

BCWF: No Report

ACS: No Report

WFA: No Report 

Library: No Report

Legacy Fund: No report

Gillie Club: No report
Speakers Program: Reconvenes Sept

Fund Raising: Club Members are once again asked to support the Fairway Card – it is a substantial fundraiser for our Club – also please buy GRR pins – Mike has a number to sell

Environment: Mick gave a 'year end' summary report. This year's highlights include : oxygenation at Elk Lake ( blue roof is on new building), Sooke net pen, hatchery production, smolt counting on Craigflower Creek and this week's meeting to consider upgrading hydrometric monitoring on the creek.
Water quality monitoring at Prospect Lake will receive more attention from Power To Be and Prospect Lake Preservation Society(PLPS) .  Mick advised PLPS Board members during a Zoom meeting.
Looking forward to BCLSS conference at Prospect Lake in September and hopeful that the Beaver project with World Fisheries Trust / Coastal Collaborative Sciences , in cooperation with BCWF , will be funded by Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation. We should know that by mid July.
Safety on Elk Lake will be discussed at the Recreational Advisory Committee meeting this week and Mick will raise the question of recognition of our club and funding partners at the fishing dock.

Website: No Report

New Business: No Report

Meeting Adjourned. 10:30am
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