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HOW TO - Navigate The Forum

Started by John Pierce, November 11, 2017, 08:28:31 AM

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John Pierce


  • Forum's Title.
  • Shows your Image called an Avatar.
  • Beside your Image are two useful links Show unread posts since last visit, and Show new replies to your posts.


  • Our Tagline, bestie is a small arrow hide button,best not to use it.
  • A simple Search the forum tool.
  • A News area that we may use in future.


  • Forum's Menu Bar with standard useful tools like Home, Help, advanced Search, Profile, My Messages from other Users, Members list, and Logout (no need to Logout). Your current location is GRR Forum is highlighted in Orange,
  • Below Menu Bar is clickable location of your current location in Forum, you can use this to quickly navigate back to Board or Home.


  • Boards group by Categories, this is where all the good stuff is.
  • Below the Boards is a Legend to the image to left of Boards, so you can easily locate New Posts since your last visit to our Forum.


  • Forum Stats area with clickable links to Latest Post and View the most recent posts on the forum.
  • Below that is a Users Online area.