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Skagit River @ Hope

Started by John Pierce, September 11, 2019, 11:56:32 AM

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John Pierce



  • Famous rainbow trout river.
  • All catch and release except Ross Lake on USA border is catch and keep.

20190725-26 John Pierce, Dave McLean and Wingkee fish for two days, camp at BC Ross Lake Camp Campground. Almost no water in Ross Lake as US Dam under renovation. Drove N and fished Skagit River just upstream of pedestrian suspension bridge where Dave and Wingkee caught trout last year using Thumper fly, nothing. Fished downstream of suspension bridge where Wingkee landed 4 on Thumper, nothing. Day 2 fished mouth of Skagit across from campsite, no bites. Afternoon drive N to 1st daycamp parking. Upstream John fishing sinking tip catch and released one 12". Drive N Park at Skyline II Trailhead, accessed Skagit down trail 20' NW of parking lot. Dusk dry fly fished across from campsite, only Dave had strikes, nothing landed.