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FLY FISHING: Wingkee Weight

Started by John Pierce, September 15, 2019, 06:06:59 PM

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John Pierce


One problem with fishing wet flies on rivers or ocean is to get the fly down but not to get line caught on rocks etc. Common solution's are weighted tip section, and weights on leader, such as pinch on split-shot. Weighted tip can work but sometimes water too deep/fast moving to get the wet fly down to required depth. Split-shot works but can snag on rocks resulting in lost gear.

Enter Wingkee Chan's invention, basically piece of leftover solder lead, encased in large electrical plastic shrink-wrap. Shrink-wrap is shrunk (from middle out to avoid trapped air bubble) with two ends squished flat together with pliers. Then a needle is heated and inserted at each end to form the two holes. To use, thread leader through one hole, wrap around the weight three times and then through other hole, and pull line tight. Weight's position can be changed by loosening off line, threading more through holes, and pulling tight to reset weight. Note: Yellow coloured shrink-wrap almost acts as lure.