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Started by John Pierce, November 20, 2019, 06:49:26 PM

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John Pierce


DESCRIPTION: Blue Mussels have smooth, shiny shells that are usually blue to black or occasionally brown to tan. The shells have little erosion of the outer layer, smooth growth lines, and no major radiating lines running lengthwise. Their shells are usually less than 7 cm long, though they may grow up to 11 cm. The shell shape is somewhat pointed at the anterior (narrower) end, and rounded at the posterior (wider) end.

HABITAT & RANGE: Blue mussels can be found throughout the intertidal in calm, sheltered locations. They often forms dominant mats that cover the underlying substrate completely. They use their strong byssal threads to attach to rocks, docks, pilings, and other solid substrates. Their range off the west coast of North America extends from northern Alaska to northern Mexico. Blue Mussels are present along most coastlines throughout the world. Blue mussels are widely grown in commercial aquaculture productions

DESCRIPTION: California Mussels can grow larger than Blue Mussels, up to 25cm, with thicker and more eroded shells marked by strong radial lines. They are also found in more exposed locations, as compared to the sheltered areas preferred by blue mussels.