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CRABBING: With Snare

Started by John Pierce, November 25, 2019, 06:43:39 AM

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John Pierce


NOTE #1: DFO website says Snare Crabbing is illegal in Canada (see Fishing gear tab).
NOTE #2: It is legal to Snare Crab in US States Washington, Oregon, and California.


  • Wire cage box in which to put bait food.
  • Normally 6 self opening sliding monofilament loops with which to snare the feeding crab. If snare loops arrive from store kinked, place around fat wine bottles for a few days to re-train/memory them so they stay open. Can buy spare snares or use weed-eater 0.065 line
  • If box is not weighted, them add pyramid lead weight on swivel on opposite end got line to help cast. 4 oz allows to cast 50-75m.
  • 100 lbs braided line.
  • Reel: Bigger.
  • Rod 12' surf rod.

  • Choose shore casting location. Ideally non-rocky as will snag and have to pull until fail and lose a snare or whole system.
  • Fill bait box with chicken, fish heads.
  • Cast out by hand if from pier and stand off not an issue, otherwise cast with rod for better clearance and distance.
  • Wait ~15 min.
  • Once you feel a tug, set the hook.
  • Retrieve constant tension, not enough force cannot close the snare all the way and it results in lost crab, too much force can tear off the crab's leg.
Air Fly Standard
Air Fly Extra Weight
Air Fly Wide
Beau Mac: Square bait cage, 6 snares.
Danielson Rectangular: Rectangular vinyl coated small mesh bait cage, with heavy rubber band closure. 6 heavy monofilament snares. Great quality, snare good for Dungeness, not for smaller blue crab.
Danielson Small: Square 3" vinyl coated rubber band closing bait cage, 6 snares.
Eagle Claw: Square bait cage, 6 snares. Poor reviews.
Promar: Square bait cage, 6 snares.
Promar AC-333W: Rectangular weighted galvanized bait cage, 6 snares. OK reviews.