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CRABBING: With Ring Net

Started by John Pierce, November 25, 2019, 12:31:21 PM

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John Pierce


DFO website says ring nets are legal for sports fishing in Canada.


  • Simple Ring Net: is a like a normal fishing dip net without handle and had been cut in two halves and is hinged. Normally half circle shaped metal ring with mesh string (net) inside, you normally hand cast the ring a short distance from pier or wharf, and as it sinks almost vertically, it opens flat by gravity. You retrieve by pulling up both sides of ring together and thereby tangling the crab eating bait in middle of the net.
  • Book/Jaw/Hawk Net: Is an improved simple ring net, often square and it has a spring that pushes both sides open when resting on bottom, this means if you can cast it further by hand or a long way with a fishing rod as it has a higher probability of opening horizontally on bottom.
  • Zip Ties: For tying in bait or small bait bag.
  • Weight: Optional if casting light bait, ie 3-4oz.
  • Line: 50+ lbs monofilament or braided fishing line.
  • Reel: Bigger with heavy gears, spinning style best for casting.
  • Rod: Length depends on distance want to cast ie 6ft up to long surf rod, heavy/stiff.

  • Crab Hawk Brand Crab Hawk: Springed open ring net.
  • Danielson Brand Fishable Crab Net: Very popular springed open ring net, includes bait pin for raw chicken drumstick.

  • Choose casting location. Pier/wharf is ideal, do not want rocky substrate as will snag and have to pull until rip netting or fail weak point in line and loose gear. Avoid location or tide time with high current as will pull the strings and move/close the net.
  • Zip tie chicken thigh/fish head to middle of ring net horizontally with bar so that closes well, or if chicken drumstick to bait post in jaw style ring net.
  • Cast out by hand if from pier and stand off not an issue, otherwise cast with rod ie up to 30m for better clearance and distance, best casting with ring net close to rod tip, ie only 1-2 ft line out from tip.
  • Reel any excess line in so that doesn't get snagged.
  • Wait 5-15 min.
  • Reel in medium speed to tighten line, then very hard/quickly to close and secure crabs inside until at surface.
  • Check if male and oversize while still in ring net.
  • Turn upside down to remove crabs.
  • After use wash in fresh water to ensure tube hinges stay clean, especially is using spring model.

  • Saltwater License
  • Bucket
  • Bait
  • Zip ties for bait
  • Ring Net & optional Weight
  • Rod and reel
  • Knife & Crab Size Calliper
  • Cushion seat or camping chair
  • Water and Snack