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Started by John Pierce, January 07, 2020, 12:00:06 PM

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John Pierce



  • Popular spring and sometimes fall camping & fishing location for GRR Members.
  • Many Members have same brand hand-held radios to converse with shore/each other.
  • Visit Strathcona Resort for 1) guest showers and 2) buffet meal.
LOCATION: Ralph River Provincial Campsite

  • FACILITIES: Non-serviced campsites, new pit-toilets, hand water pump.
  • BOOKING: Opens 4 months before preferred date via DiscoverCamping.ca or 1-800-689-9025 ($5 phone service fee), half price for 65+ Seniors. Extra fee for second vehicle.
  • FIRES: Allowed, wood expensive.

  • BOAT LAUNCH: Two new facilities.
  • FLOAT TUBE: Yes, but careful in late afternoon 4-6pm when wind normally picks up.

John Pierce

Below from Nov 24, 2020 Presentation by GRR Member DennisG.

LOCATION: Strathcona Park

CAMPSITE: We normally go to Ralph River Campsite, drive to Campbell River, before CR at top of hill Shell station fuel up and dump blackwater. Turn left towards Gold River, up hill 30 min to lake system. Don't turn right to Gold River, pass Strathcona Lodge. On asphalt mining road. 5 min past Karst Creek boat launch, pass Ralph River and tuen into campsite.

PHONE #: 1-800-689-9025, open 7am-7pm 7 days/week.

BOOKING: For 2021 not open until April. Dates, car license plate, trailer size, number people, credit card. Normally $10/night, ask if Sr discount, extra vehicle is $10/night.

SITES: Best along lake side 19-39, but can be up to 500 steps over rough terrain from campsite to water. Sites 1-18 are on river side. Attendant around 3pm, sells expensive firewood.

LAKE: 400ft deepest, water levels change depending on snow store and dams. So need hip waiders to walk out and get boat, Wind picks up in afternoon from S to N.

BOAT: Required for fishing, kayaking wonderful.

UTILITIES: No phone, have to go to Strathcona Lodge, Rangers do have Satt Phones, power generators allowed 9-11am & 6-8pm. Water available via hand pumps, boil first. No sewer.

INSECTS: One year water at campsite, invaded with tonnes mosquitos. No-see-ums down by boat, fade away when on water. Can have large flying ants that get into everything, but trout will gorge, ants have formic acid which trout can't digest and fishing drops off as trout full.

HANDHELDS: Some have to communicate within club, use Unidem brand.

EVENTS: Happy hour around campfire with appetizer, separate supper. Fish fry one day. Community Cholesterol Meal on day.

WILDLIFE: Occasional bear and cubs, have been sighting of cougar in campsite. Elk at Treadbull Beach flats at S end of lake.

HIKING: Lots trails, end of lake towards mine is very steep Myra Falls trails, but great views. Visit Gold River logging village.

WEATHER: Can be really cold (snow) or warm in spring. September water 70F, great visibility, no weeds/algae.

STRATHCONA LODGE: Good for phone, showers and buffet.

GOLD RIVER: Good bakery.


  • Across from Karst Creek boat launch is Philips Creek.
  • Next river south is Henshaw Creek, at end is Thelwell Creek, with bridge to operating mine.
  • Great fly fishing at Elk River at first campsite.
  • Pets allowed.
  • Highest mountain on Vancouver Island Golden Hinde is above campsite.