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2018-01-24: Clive Lane Obituary

Started by John Pierce, January 27, 2018, 01:36:12 PM

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John Pierce

Email from GRR President:

Hello all,

I'm sorry to I have to tell you that Clive died early this morning.  He slipped away quietly and painlessly, with his family at his side.

We will all miss his energy, his enthusiasm, his boundless curiousity and his adventurous spirit. He's been a vital part of our club for the last 10 years.

The family is planning to have a celebration of life for Clive at a later date once they have worked out the logistics of getting themselves all here once again.

Thanks to John Francis for being our liaison with Clive's sons and bringing us the sad information.


John Pierce

I'll miss Clive, old pictures downloaded from GRR's old Flickr account and named best I could:

John Pierce

More from Flickr:

John Pierce

Last of Clive from Flickr:

John Pierce

A very nice Celebration Of Life service was organized by John Francis and held at Navy Chiefs & Petty Officers Assn in Esquimalt. Great turn out.