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Started by John Pierce, January 08, 2020, 09:35:16 PM

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John Pierce


Is an art, it takes patience and an eagle eye, you'll miss the first few times, but eventually, you'll get the hang of it.
WHEN: Low tide as crabs get out of the sand as the tide goes out, and hang out within 15ft of the shore line, in the water, waiting for the tide to go back in.
SPOTTING: Walk out, calm, clearer waters usually hide or scuttle around in the sea grass in knee to waist deep water. Wade slowly, try not to splash or make any loud noises, bring a friend who has a good sense of vision, wear polarized glasses as easier to see through water for suspicious bump or little hint of pink-orange as they bury themselves half in, give it a little poke/lift with boots or stick, the crab will explode out of the sand and try to scuttle away.
CATCHING: Wade slower and try not to stir up any sand, the crab may start to move away but keep at it, once you're around 3-5 feet from the crab, aim your net behind the crab and scoop it up from behind with a 1ft x ~3ft dip net, you'll have to be quick, crab are fast. Trick: Get friend to help lure the crab towards you, then have him/her go around so that the crab is between you two, have friend then slowly walk towards you, causing the crab to back towards you, once it's close enough, scoop with net.


  • Stick
  • Bucket
  • Water shoes or waders.