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Chum Salmon - Scheel Sooke River Ripple

Started by John Pierce, January 18, 2020, 12:53:13 PM

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John Pierce

FLY: Scheel Sooke River Ripple
Notes by Dale Scheel


  • Based on fly by frequent Sooke River fisher Bob.
  • Proven Sooke River Chum Fly for riffles behind submerged rocks or shallow water run. Cast with sinking tip, not upstream as will catch on boulders as drift down, cast across and let fly sink to bottom, let float down stream, then very slowly strip in/upstream.

  • HOOK: #8 or 10 2X or 3X strong, can also be #8 nymph caddis pupae & shrimp 2X heavy, 2X wide and 2X short.
  • BEAD: Tungsten silver or gold, 5/32" if minimal current, 3/8" if current.
  • THREAD: Orange Ultra thread 140.
  • TAIL: Pink Caribou.
  • BODY: Silver or silver holo tinsel to make plastic wrap glow.
  • BODY: Thin strip pink opaque plastic wrap (Lazer Wrap brand better as stretchy and easier to wrap than Edge Bright brand).
  • BODY: Hackle same colour as plastic wrap.
  • RIB: Silver or gold wire to match bead colour.

  • Place bead on hook, place hook in vice.
  • Tie on thread.
  • Tie on marabou tail with short tail length same as hook gap width, (have had fish bite fly even with tail torn off).
  • Tie marabou straight up shank to bead, tie off and cut off excess marabou.
  • Place Wire down backside of shank (so will start wrapping better) from behind bead and tie on.
  • Tie on Pink Hackle at end of shank, (use course not fine flowing hairs of feather) with feather end striped bare to stem to enable first wrap of hackle to go on better.
  • Cut one end of Lazer Wrap strip on diagonal to make a point, tie point on at back of shank.
  • Tie on silver or holo tinsel at back of shank, wrap up to bead, tie off and cut off excess tinsel.
  • Wrap plastic wrap forward overlapping a little to get edge glow effect, tie off, cut off excess.
  • Put head cement over plastic wrap to glue down hackle and wire.
  • Wrap hackle forward to bead over wet glue, tie on, cut of excess.
  • Wrap Wire counter direction to hackle (to make hackle more teeth proof), tie off and cut off excess wire and thread.
  • No nead to apply head cement to thread if glue still wet.
  • Trim excess long/flowing Hackle to about half width of hook gap. Pinch off excess tail.

  • Fly is effective as has stubble hackle not flowing hackle.