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PARACHUTE FLY: Klinkhammer

Started by John Pierce, April 24, 2020, 07:51:09 AM

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John Pierce

FLY: Parachute Fly - Klinkhammer


  • Demo'd at 2020-04-25 GRR Fly Tying by Dave Robinson, video of most of session is here.
  • Klinkhammer is a Parachute Dry Fly developed by Hans Van Klinken of Holland.
  • A Parachute Fly represents just a hatched insect on water surface with wings up drying. The hackle is wound around the wing horizontally parallel to shank/vertical, and looks like a parachute that holds fly up, abdomen floats below surface film, rest above, very effective when fish feeding on surface.
  • Hook is bent near the eye.
  • Designed to sit with abdomen below the surface film.
  • Whip finish is around the wing post.

  • Hook: #10 to #14 Hannek Klinkhammer (heftier so that helps fly land vertical and sink through water surface film.
  • Thread: 8/0 or 10/0 Tan
  • Wing/Post: Antron wool - Beige, White or Grey (also can use bright red).
  • Abdomen: Fine dubbing - Olive or Cahill
  • Hackle: Grizzly Neck or Saddle
  • Thorax: Peacock herl

  • Place hook in vice with eye up, and tie thread onto hook behind eye down shank to about half way down shank, wrap thread back up to flat part of shank.
  • For wing, lay wool down on shank, tie on with pinch wrap and wrap thread in front of wool to make front stick up vertical as a post, cut off rear tapered and tie on to shank.
  • Wrap thread around head tag, then wrap back down shank.
  • For body, add small amount dubbing to thread, wrap dubbing-thread from shank end around shank to build up a tapered body.
  • For parachute, strip fluff off of hackle stem, tie stem in front of hook behind eye on either side of post. Tie hackle along side post so that hackle is also up sticking vertical.
  • For thorax, tie peacock herl onto front of hook, wrap thread in front and behind post, wrap herl around thread and warp both on behind post, and trim off excess herl.
  • To finish the parachute, bend feather down horizontal to make kink in stem, then wrap hackle around post with each wrap underneath previous wrap, hold excess hackle down and tie on hackle with thread by wrapping around post/hackle, cut off excess hackle.
  • Move fly in vice so that eye is straight down and post is sticking out horizontal, whip finish around post under the hackle (wiggle thread to minimize trapped hackle barbs), and trim off excess thread. Alternate is to use drop of super glue.
  • Trim vertical wing to ~length of hackle, wing is what makes fly land vertical.

  • When on water, if see that fly wings are not white, take coloured markers/felt pens and paint the wing to match the hatch.
  • Use anytime there is a hatch, ie lakes and rivers, optimal in riffle water.
  • Some tie with oversized hackle.
  • If using floatant only on thorax and wing, not on body as want body to sink.