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Seal Woolley Bugger

Started by John Pierce, May 01, 2020, 03:17:38 PM

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John Pierce

FLY: Woolley Bugger - Seal Bugger
Submitted by Dave Robinson


  • Denny Rickards' variation of wet Woolley Bugger fly.
  • Seal fur dubbing is OK in Canada not elsewhere (available from Superfly brand through Robinson's & The Fishing Hole). Seal has stiffness to stand out and pulls through water better and pulses, see video. Can also use mohair.
  • A dubbing loop is used to make a seal fur rope for body. There's a variety of tools for making the loop. The simplest is hackle pliers, fanciest is spinning weight tool.
  • Sandy McElroy's favourite lake fly along with Hairs Ear.

  • Hook: #8 to #12 streamer 2x or 3x long.
  • Thread: 6/0 colour to suit, ie black or olive.
  • Weight: 0.20 lead substitute wire.
  • Tail: Marabou - colour to suit.
  • Flash: Krystal flash.
  • Rib: Wire - gold or copper.
  • Hackle: Grizzly saddle - colour to suit (orange is popular as maybe imitates shrimp).
  • Thorax: Seal or Crystal Seal dubbing.

  • Place Hook in vice, tie on thread behold eye.
  • Weight: Flatten end of weight wire with pliers (to reduce bump at start of wire and help hold wire onto shank when wrap), wrap onto and half way down shank, pinch lead wire and cut off excess, wrap thread down weight end of shank.
  • Tail: Strip barbs off one side of marabou and long fluffy ends, tie on at end of shank, cut off excess toward front.
  • Rib: Tie on wire at end of shank and hold back for later use.
  • Flash: Tie one strand folded krystal flash around thread and tie onto side of hook, repeat on other side of end of shank, cut off excess flash to length of tail.
  • Tail: Tie on more marabou over shank to embed the flash in tail (vs on top). Tie on few strands of red marabou on top to create two-toned body and tail.
  • Hackle: Choose section where barbs are about width to barb, strip off few barbs, tie on at back of shank with feather end out to back, cut off excess heavier feather to front.
  • Thorax: Make ~2' loop in thread from end of shank, and tie back onto shank. Then wrap up thread to eye and tie on to get out of way. Ensure thread loop is fully open up to fly, then add small parts dubbing into loop and slide up to fly, repeat until full, then spin weight to make tight rope of dubbing. Wrap dubbing rope up shank over weight to eye, tie off with thread, cut off excess.
  • Rib: Wrap wire around body to eye to create ribs, cut off excess wire. (Note, if fine wire can do after hackle to better hold hackle onto fly, ensure wiggle wire to minimize trapping hackle).
  • Hackle: Wrap around body up to eye, tie off and cut off excess.
  • Wrap thread behind eye few times, double whip finish (as bulky fly), apply head cement.
  • Rough up body.