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Smoked Salmon Recipe - Haa Nee Nah Fishing Lodge

Started by John Pierce, August 06, 2020, 06:15:01 AM

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John Pierce

Smoked Salmon Recipe - Haa Nee Nah Fishing Lodge
Submitted by DaveR

The recipe comes from John Bertrand via his daughter Robyn, who is the manager and part owner of Haa Nee Naa. John has been a fishing buddy of mine for about 30 years. For a while he ran a small business at the Edmonton Farmer's Market called John's Smoked Fish. So the recipe is tried and true.

Bertrand's Hot Smoked Salmon

Brine Recipe
Full Recipe for roughly two large filets
3 - Cups 1 - Cup 3/4 - Cup 1/4 - Cup 2 - Tbsp 3, 3-4 Cups
Brown Sugar
Salt - coarse Kosher
Black Peppercorns (whole)
Hot Sauce - (Sriracha or similar)
Bay leaves
Water (enough to cover fish while brining), hot to dissolve salt - let cool before adding fish

I usually cut each fillet into three or four pieces crosswise before brining. Refrigerate fish in brine 12 to 24 hours before smoking, stir occasionally
After removing fish from brine, place on a rack to air dry until it develops a pellicule (kind of a dry skin like covering).

Smoke for about 4 hours total.
Keep temperature under 180 degrees
Pre-heat smoker for 20 minutes with smoke on before putting fish in. Smoke first three hours at 100 to 120 degrees
(clear used briquettes and replace catch pan water every 2 hours) Last hour at 170 degrees
For a single fillet of 1/2 of a medium salmon I reduce recipe by roughly 1/2
For lighter taste, I substitute maple syrup for molasses (sometimes1/2 each)
For smoking I've used alder, hickory and maple. Each has slightly different flavour.

John Pierce

DaveR's notes on Bertrand's Recipe:

When you make the brine. Use Kosher (non iodized) salt.
For 1/2 fillet of a good sized coho.
I mix 1/2 cup salt  in 4 cups of hot water (should make saturated solution)
1 1/2 cups of brown sugar.
A bit over 1/2 cup of molasses or maple syrup
1/8 cup whole black peppercorns
1 Tbsp of hot sauce (or to suit your taste)
2 bay leaves
Let cool before pouring over fish.

I cut the fillet into pieces about 3" wide and 4" long (for more smoke penetration)
I put the fish in a shallow glass dish and pour the solution over it, enough to cover.
I place the dish in the fridge (covered with Saran)
For a thick fillets I let it sit for about 12 hours stirring once about half way. (Overnight?)
For thinner fish, less brine time, for thicker a bit more

Be sure to air dry the fish to get a pellicle (slight film) before smoking
If you don't, liquid brine will trap ash and taste very strong.

Keep temperature low for first 3 hours (100 to 120F)
Last hour at 170F to cook.
You can tell it's done when yellowish fat shows on the surface.
I've used alder, hickory and maple bisquettes. I like maple best.