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2018-02-13: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, February 17, 2018, 07:59:27 PM

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John Pierce

Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, (13 February 2018)

Place: Silver Threads Centre, 2340 Richmond Rd, Victoria, BC

Chaired By: Robert McConnell

Secretary: Bill Thomas

Called to Order: 9:30 AM

Members Attending: 22 + 1 new associate

Minutes of Last Meeting: Adopted as distributed

Items Arising from the Minutes: Memorialize for Clive – Sidney Anglers Association and others are interested in joining in this. Ron Duncan will liaise with them.

Treasurer: N/A

Sunshine: Shirley is doing well. Jack is OK and happy.

Social: Luncheon on Thursday, February 15, 2018, Golden City Restaurant, 721 Fisgard St, 11:30 AM.

Fresh Water:

  • In Durrance Lake, last week, Barry go 4-5 hits on booby and streamer. As soon fish was on, the eagle appeared.
  • There is a new fishing app: Fly Craft Angling (stillwaterflyfishing.com)
  • There will be a fly-tying seminar on Tuesday, 13 March 2018 at our regular meeting.
  • We are hosting a fish-out on 7 March at Durrance Lake, hot dogs $2.00.  More details to follow.

Salt Water: Ryan reports Constance Bank fishing well, but the salmon are small and the seals are hungry.

ACS: Minutes of ACS are available. Haig Brown Club fish out on Durrance Lake on Friday, 23 Feb 2018.



Legacy Fund:

Gillie Club:

Speakers Program: Feb. 20 - Dr Bruce Fraser, Endangered species in B.C.

Fund Raising:

Hatchery: Hatchery is working steadily. We are waiting for eggs to harden, then cull ready for another year of raising salmon.

Environment: Colquitz Coalition meeting: reports on last year's Colquitz and Craigflower runs, animal predation and spawning rates.

New Business: GRR Durrance Lake Fish out, 7 March 2018

Website: Members'Forum, old photos on website, website Password change: ElkLake2018

Meeting Adjournment: 10:07 AM

Speaker: Rob McConnell presentation on BC rockfish and other interesting bottom-fish.