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Weasel Salmon Fly

Started by John Pierce, December 05, 2020, 10:19:56 AM

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John Pierce


HOOK: Mustad c71sss  2XH/1XL, Size #4 Circle Streamer, orMustad 34007ss Streamer size #4
HEAD:Tungsten Cone Head   size med.   Gold   EYTC5250
THREAD: Black Ultra 140
LEAD WIRE: 0.035
BODY: Dubin Inc's Diamond Braid Holographic Silver (rainbow) or Lagartun Varnished French Tinsel  --- French Flat Braid (rainbow)
STREAMER: Kystral Flash, Various colours -- mostly greens, blues, purple, black silver etc
HEAD CEMENT Black or clear

20201205 Member DennisG demonstrates great fly designed by his son Darcy at GRR Fly Tying Zoom Meeting, recording in GRR YouTube Channel. Great for salmon at Cluxewe Beach or other rivers/beaches like Sooke.