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2021-05-11: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes
« on: May 11, 2021, 09:12:22 AM »
11 May, 2021


SECRETARY (Vacant): JohnP, Acting.

LOCATION: Zoom Videoconference.

ATTENDANCE: 16 Members, 0 Guests.

CONVENED: 9:33 am.

MINUTES: Adopted from May 4, 2020.

ITEMS ARISING FROM MINUTES: Status on fly boxes and proposal on Thrifty's Cards still to be done by JohnF.

TREASURER'S REPORT (JohnF): April report discussed.

SUNSHINE REPORT (WendyG & PatP): Discussed.

SOCIAL (BillT & BobC): Nothing planned.

MEMBERSHIP (JohnF): No changes.

1) Fly Boxes: John F. Selling well. JohnF to distribute status report via chat email.
2) Thrifty Cards: In view of Thrift policy change, JohnF to prepare and distribute a proposal.
3) Lake Specific Fly Boxes: JimM to coordinate building of fly boxes for subsequent raffle, contact Jim via to donate flies.

FLY TYING MEETING (DaveR): Next Saturday will tie Zonkers using micro-rabbit strips and mylar tubing.

PSS: Auction was mostly in-house bidding, AGM is May 29.
Goldstream Hatchery: Releasing last of last years Coho 7300, lower tank farm proceeding, operation in June, AGM is June 5, Membership is $10.
BCWF: Fishing regulation discussion.

1) Lower Thetis Lake: BillT on lake near beach last Thursday, landed 4 large Rainbow on weighted green Pumpkin Head, few other fishers on lake.
2) Prospect Lake: JohnP yesterday landed two, BrianP yesterday landed two on assortment of flies, ColinC landed two 16-17" rainbows yesterday, cut gills and dropped fish in water, refloated and caught again! DaveC, had two double headers yesterday in middle of lake, no particular fly, drifting with sinking tip.
Conservation Officer there inspecting last Wednesday.
3) Fuller Lake: Discussion on fishing prospects as small lake, 50ft deep similar to Durrance Lake, steep boat launch ramp but electric motor only, lots of large catchable released annually.
4) Buttle Lake: No report.
5) Durrance Lake: No report.
6) Langford Lake: No report.
7) Elk Lake: No report.

1) Nobody has been out.
2) JimM reports friend doing well catching Cutthroat off beaches including Gorge at Cecilia Creek.

1) Elk Lake Fishing Dock Rebuild: The application for $90,000 funding from DFO is almost complete. Have signed agreement for funding from Saanich Rotary Club and letters of support for application.
2) World Fisheries Trust: Received underwater drone, BillT past did lots of lake diving and did not find many lures.
3) World Fisheries Trust: BC Transit were interested in restoring Craigflower Creek section on their back fence, WFT to do assessment.

1) Buttle Lake: JohnP & MohammedD going up Friday.
2) Bamberton Beach: JohnP clamming on Thursday.
3) Fuller Lake: BillT planning.

LIBRARY REPORT (ColinC): No new books.

GILLIE REPORT (DennisG): No report.

AMALGAMATED CONSERVATION SOCIETY (BillT): Setting up dates on Net Pen being organized.

WEBSITE (JohnP): Added weekly Fly Tying video.

LEGACY FUND (BarryF): No new requests.


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday May 18, 2021 via Zoom.

SPEAKER PROGRAM (BobC): If anyone wants to volunteer to give a talk, or suggest an internet video to watch, advise Bob so he can schedule it. Agreed that MikeC give 15 min talk on Durrance Lake after next weeks' meeting.

ADJOURNED: 10:55 am.
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