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2021-06-08: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes
« on: June 08, 2021, 08:56:09 AM »
Jun 8, 2021

CHAIRED BY: TonyO > DavidC.

SECRETARY (Vacant): JohnP, Acting.

LOCATION: Zoom Videoconference.

ATTENDANCE: 20 Members, 0 Guests.

CONVENED: 9:27 am.

MINUTES: Adopted from Jun 1, 2020, updated Sunshine Report.


TREASURER'S REPORT (JohnF): Presented and reviewed May 2021 numbers.

SUNSHINE REPORT (WendyG & PatP): Discussion, proposing buddies for ~14 older/Associate Members. Members requested to contact PatP & WendyG if they are contacting older Members, who will compile and send out list for buddies replies.

SOCIAL (BillT & BobC): Will schedule August Corn Roast at Tulista Park, Sidney or Dominion Brook Park, Saanich, reservable via North Saanich Municipality.

Goldstream Hatchery: Moving fry to outside tanks, Saturday Jun 5 was AGM, hoping to get increased allowance from DFO. Received donation of 11 trucks of backfill resulting in below budget on new Tank Farm.
Sooke Net Pen: Released 635k Chinook.
PSS: Training of World Fisheries Trust interns, yesterday had tour of six fish ladders.

MEMBERSHIP (JohnF): No changes.

1) GRR branded fly boxes still available, contact JohnF.
2) Two location based fly boxes still on open Auction, closes Monday Jun 14 noon, contact JimM.
3) Thrifty Cards: JohnF to re-contact Thrifty's and email out proposal.

FLY TYING MEETING (DaveR): Next Saturday will demo Black Leech with Red Tail & Pearl Cathy's Coat.

1) RonE: Bass fished Shawnigan Lake, landed few Bass, orange Senco Whacky Rig 5 th from shore.
2) MikeC: First couple weeks June normally poor for Bass fishing as think eating Bass fry.
3) RonE: Prospect Lake on calm day, only one strike. Last Thursday BrianP several small trout. ColinC Prospect
4) BarryF & DaleS: On Langford Lake couple early times last week, DaleS landed >30 trout on one Fishout. Have not seen and bubbles at Aerator.

1) TonyO: 4 Ling Cod between 55-60 cm, all too small and returned, all off point of Bear island, and 1 Rockfish, returned.
2) RonE: South of Sidney Island for Ling Cod, many small, only 2 sizeable, using jogs with PowerBait white grub with flat tail soaked in PowerBait scent.
3) JohnP: Rathtrevor last week, no clammers or crabbers visible so did not try.
4) SvenEric JohnF: One spare spot on half day Guided fishing in June.
5) RonE: Looking for other fishers for Guided tour 4 nights out of Tahsis.
6) DaveC: Organizing Guided Fishout mid July.

1) DFO's CFAB Conference: Looking for input.
2) World Fisheries Trust: Raising studies proposals on Herring in Salish Sea.
3) World Fisheries Trust: Colquitz River fish counting camera to be installed, funding in place including $1000 donation commitment by GRR (if required).
4) Elk Lake Dock Replacement: Further funding 25 page application is now 90% complete.

LIBRARY REPORT (ColinC): No update.

GILLIE REPORT (DennisG): Cluxuwe Resort Fishout up to 26 names (10 from Gedney extended family).

AMALGAMATED CONSERVATION SOCIETY (BillT): Updates sent out in Email.

WEBSITE (JohnP): Added weekly Fly Tying video.

LEGACY FUND (BarryF): No requests.


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday Jun 15, 2021 via Zoom.

ADJOURNED: 10:39 am.

SPEAKER PROGRAM: None, anyone can speak.
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