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2022-03-01: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, March 14, 2022, 04:42:45 PM

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John Pierce

Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, Dated 1 MARCH 2022

Place:  Esquimalt Anglers and Zoom

Chaired By:  Dave Cooke

Secretary:  Bill Thomas

Called to Order:  9:43 AM

Members Attending:  Dave Cooke, John Francis, Bill Thomas, Dale, Barry, Dave Robinson, Colin, Ken, Brian Palas, Ron, Peter, Sandy, Ira, Sven, Lee, Gary, Dave, Mick, Gary, Bob, Winston, Dave Larson,
Zoom: Wynn, Michael, Tony, Ryan

Minutes of Last Meeting: On a motion by Barry, seconded by Mick, minutes adopted as emailed. Carried
John Francis was thanked for all his hard work and time spent in moving and setting up new location: Esquimalt Anglers

Items Arising from the Minutes:

Treasurer: John F.  No Report

Sunshine: Welcome Ron, happy you are joining us.

Social: Bob – St Patrick Day Event on 15 Mar 22 at Esquimalt Anglers location.  The event is after speaker.
Bring own food and drink.


Fresh Water: Dale: Durrance last Friday, 31 fish. The Intruder fly used will be displayed on Saturday morning Fly tying session.

Salt Water: No report

Fly Tying: Continue Zoom sessions on Saturday mornings. 2 flies this Saturday.  Soon alternating session between zoom and in person.

ACS: Meeting tomorrow night.

Library: Books will come down soon to Esquimalt Anglers location.

Legacy Fund: $1000.00 approved for WFT subject to WFT receiving funding
$1000 donation to Sooke Net Pen Approved.

Gillie Club: Dennis

Buttle Lake:
Speakers Program:

Fund Raising:

Hatchery/Fence: clipping is completed. New study, in-line rearing.

Environment: Mick
Priorities: BCWF employ 200 interns on Wetlands and Rain Gardens last year. BCWF AGM 23-24 Apr 22. 
PSS and WFT gathered $375,000, hired 4 interns.
GWI is Zoom meeting.
GRR has led Elk Lake consortium. Recommendation to enhance Aeration of Elk Lake. Government and Consultants have not done a good job in bringing data together. WFT Intern has collated data.
Camera system at Colquitz Fence is being installed.
Craigflower run is not large. Handydart Facility is progressing. Another on site visit on Thursday, 3 March 22.
Mackenzie Interchange run off is working well. Collaboration with many groups is working very well and funding is available.
Herring in Gorge Waterway was discussed. Possibly plant Herring eggs in planted Eel grass.


New Business: 
Fold chairs after meetings. Tidy up facility before you leave.
Purchase Kettle.
Try and get sound and zoom system sorted.
Purchase hub and camera.
Lee needs partner to assist in coffee preparation. Wash cups and put away on left side of cupboard.

Meeting Adjournment: 10:50 AM

Dale – some ideas:
2 chat lines, a 2nd chat line for Social and fishing discussions. Check with John Pierce. Worthwhile investigating.

GRR marketing – our website is excellent.
New members be given a fly box of flies for: Lakes, Sooke River (Chum) and Pink Salmon.
In Member Only section: The experienced GRR anglers write up their knowledge of lakes they have fished. A tour for members of local lakes and rivers to fish (Sooke, Cowachin, Campbell rivers). New Members would find this very helpful. 
More local day fishouts by Club.