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2022-03-15: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, March 20, 2022, 02:56:08 PM

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John Pierce

Golden Rods & Reels Society
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
March 15

Dave Cooke opened the meeting at 9:30am

The minutes were accepted as read.


Sooke Net Pen is appreciative of the cheque for $1000
John F is suffering from a fall.
Peter is home from having hip replaced and is doing well.

Fresh Water:
Bill T was float fishing on the Cowichan  Very rainy caught two nice rainbows.
Dale caught a couple of rainbows on Durrance.
Dale fished Prospect using chironomids and had 12 hits. The bigger fish were biting

Sooke net pen has increased the number of fish going up the Sooke River to spawn           
Barry caught limit of crabs of Sidney

Fly tying:
The fly tying will combine personal demo tying at John's hour with zoom and Dave will demo a March Brown,  Mohamed will demn flies on Saturday


Dennis introduced a new style stripping finger guard. They can be ordered online from Bob Merrit Fly Fishing store in California

Fund Raising:

Feeding but not much else happening
Pit tagging at hatchery including involvement of PSS
PSS found forage fish eggs in a number of places including Esquimalt Lagoon for the first time.
Millstream has many coho coming past the camera
PSS auction raised $37,000
ACS concerned about the Native fishery versus recreational fishing opportuities


Website: Minutes and fly y\tying videos available. Around 20 people per week visit
           ACS/BCWF Membership is growing.  One quarter of members from the island
Bill will contact BCWF to see if they have figures on number of volunteers in various area of activity

New Business:
Dennis suggested we appoint a public image chair or hire a consultant to enhance our image
What is the status of the Brochure or Business Cards.