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2022-04-05: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, April 09, 2022, 07:08:09 PM

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John Pierce

Golden Rods & Reels Society

Minutes of the Regular Meeting

April 5/22

John Pierce opened the meeting at 9:30am

The minutes were accepted as read. Dave and Sandy approved.

Membership: N R

Treasurer: N R

Sunshine: Not published publicly.

Social: N R             

Fresh Water:
Winston fished Prospect Lake and had 5-6 hits including huge hit which broke his line. Prospect has both large and small mouth bass which can grow big.
Dave and Ryan fished Prospect and Ryan caught 4
Colin could not even feed the eagle on Durrance
Sandy Mc found out how cold it is fishing in a float tube.
There will be a fish out at Durrance April 13  Gourmet Hotdogs are on the menu           

Saltwater: A few halibut being caught.

Library: Sandy will bring the books to the meeting room. We hope to display the books for members in due course
Motion: to Esquimalt anglers to request permission to display the books in the meeting room. Motion approved.

Fly Tying: Zoom session this week. Making chironomid leaders

Legacy: N R

Website: Proposed to establish a separate chat line to feature non fishing related topics.  Participation will be by request.  Motion carried.
John P has made a page based of suggestions proposed by Dale. Establish a Website section for members only which would need members to log in.

Ghillie:  Buttle and Cluxewe are booked by those attending.

Fund Raising: N R

Hatchery: Started ponding Alevin of hatched eggs which are then put them into trays then transferred to the tanks.  Some do not make it because of the shock of his procedure. However there is high success rate.  Some pit tagged alevin died and not sure why.  A study is being conducted to simulate river conditions where calcium buildup has been detected in alevin. This is a common occurrence in hatchery fish. It is not known why this happens. A number of studies are being conducted. Contact Bill for further information on these studies.

Environmnet: N R

BCWF on 23/24 in Nanaimo annual meeting on Video

New Business: "Living Well until you Die"  is the speaker topic next week