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2022-03-29: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, April 10, 2022, 09:58:44 AM

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John Pierce

Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, Dated 29 MARCH 2022

Place:  Esquimalt Anglers and Zoom

Chaired By:  Dave Cooke

Secretary:  Bill Thomas

Called to Order:  9:36 AM

Members Attending:  Dave Cooke, John Francis, Bill Thomas, Dale, Barry, Dave Robinson, Colin, Brian Palas, Ron, Sandy, Lee, Gary, Mick, Gary, Bob, Will, Gerry, Mick, Art, Sandy, Peter, Ron Estay
Zoom: Tony, Jim, Dennis, Wendy, Wynn

Minutes of Last Meeting: On a motion by Colin, seconded by Dale, minutes adopted as emailed. Carried

Items Arising from the Minutes: Dale's flies for New Members

Treasurer: John F.  No Report

Sunshine: Confidential.

Social: Fish out at Durrance Lake, Wednesday, April 13. Hot Dogs and coffee provided by club.


Fresh Water:
Colin, Dale and Brian: Prospect – lots of fish, last Thursday and this Monday.
Tony - Durrance, lots of fish. A hatch happened, lots of feeding.
Barry – Prospect 1 RB, 16 in

Salt Water:
Bob and Ron – Constance Bank and in front of Esquimalt Anglers – Chinook, limited out in 2 hours. 62 cm – 59 cm. Caught on Skinny G with red stripe, anchovy and 4" spoon.
Note: Salmon Heads to Salmon Program

Fly Tying: No Zoom tying this week

ACS: Meeting next Wednesday

Library: Books will be moved to Esquimalt Anglers location. We need to put up book shelf.

Legacy Fund: No report, $3000 currently earmarked for projects.

Gillie Club: Dennis – Buttle Lake 7 people signed up. Cluxewe – 11 people
Speakers Program: Today: Rise of Super Bugs    
April: Live well until you die
April 19: Intervention Strategy for Cold Survival in Warming Ocean.

Fund Raising:

Hatchery/Fence: clipping is completed. New study, in-line rearing.

Environment: Mick
Funding – WFT/Coastal Collaborative/PSS No successful funding grants yet.
Covid Monies – $374,000 from Habitat Foundation last year - PSS, WFT successful. Zoom meetings have shown to be very successful.
Elk Lake Port Folio – available for viewing

2 chat lines, a 2nd chat line for Social and fishing discussions. Check with John Pierce. Worthwhile investigating.
GRR marketing – our website is excellent.
New members be given a fly box of flies for: Lakes, Sooke River (Chum) and Pink Salmon.
In Member Only section: The experienced GRR anglers write up their knowledge of lakes they have fished. A tour for members of local lakes and rivers to fish (Sooke, Cowachin, Campbell rivers). New Members would find this very helpful. 
More local day fishouts by Club.

New Business: 

Meeting Adjournment: 10:04 AM