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2022-04-19: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, April 20, 2022, 07:19:30 AM

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John Pierce

Golden Rods & Reels Society
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
April 19, 2022
Dave Cooke opened the meeting at 9:30am
Ron Duncan, recording secretary
The minutes were accepted as read.
Membership: 12 members attended
Treasurer:  No report
Sunshine: Not posted publicly.

Social: Corn Roast will be held in August.
 There was a good turnout for the fish out at Durrance Lake.   With 22 folks sitting around chatting and enjoying camaraderie and hotdogs.
Fresh Water:
Ron E reported a huge mayfly hatch at Durrance on Sunday. Lots of swallows but fish were very hard to catch except one guy who had success was fishing a floating line and a DR. Spratley.
Dale fished Prospect and landed 23 fish trolling. Dale reports that 45-46 degree lake water makes it hard to catch fish but it improves immensely when temperature rise to 50%.

Saltwater:  Some fish being caught in Becher Bay and fishing catch and release has been successful           
Fly tying: None this week as Dave is unavailable
A discussion about fishing near Buttle Lake revealed that the Elk River fished weil in May and Loveland Bay also was a good place for fishing,  Ron E had a successful fish at Elk River.

Fund Raising:
Hatchery: Sooke net pen needs volunteers, members are encourage to help out.
Environment: Mick promoted national volunteer week with members and expressed appreciation to members who have supported the conservation work in the area.
Elk Lake restoration process has been started by CRD by asking for proposals for the first stage of remediation.
New Business:
Speaker today talks about "Coral survival in the ocean".
Mike will be donate a bookcase to the club if it's needed