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2022-04-26: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, April 26, 2022, 09:43:21 AM

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John Pierce

Golden Rods & Reels Society
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
April 26, 2022

CHAIR: Dave Cooke opened the meeting at 9:31am

SECRETARY: John Pierce

ATTENDANCE: 18 attended in person, 7 via Zoom, no Guests.
SUNSHINE (Wendy Gedney): Not posted publicly.

TREASURER: No report.

1) Local lakes (Durrance, Prospect etc) stocked last week with trout.
2) Dale & Barry fished Prospect Lake last week 4 Cutthroat, 25 Rainbow, most small, few 14", leeches were good, dark olive bunny leech was best.
3) Lev fished Prospect last week in few showers.
4) Ron at Durrance last Friday, lots of Dunns hatch but oddly only saw one rise. Sinking leader, caught several on nymph until fed up with Bald Eagle.
5) Real Estate Company sponsored Fishing Derby on May 14 on Peter Hope Lake, BC Interior. SandyM to attend.

SALT WATER: No reports, Judge overturned Fed Govt decision to close Salmon Farms.

LIBRARY (Sandy McElvoy): Micheal Corry generously donated bookshelf now located in Club House. Six boxes books moved into cupboard.

GILLIE (Dennis Gedney): Den will take out a prospective new member he's been talking with, in his boat sometime soon. Also Dennis donated a small fly tying station he made to the VTRA annual virtual auction. (Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association) and if the person winning the bid for the fly fishing package wants to become a member, Dennis will pay for that person's membership to the GR&R for the rest of the year.

SPEAKER PROGRAM (Bob Comerford): No more for season as a lot of people planned away fishing in May.

1) Sooke Net Pen: Last Sat 300k Chinook fry went in, large ~2.5" as from Nitinat Hatchery where raised in warm water. Will stay in pen and released ~ May 1, then pen cleaned and then second load will be added. All marked, a number coded wire tagged.
2) Goldstream Hatchery: Feeding ongoing.
3) Peninsula Stream: Successful on several Grants including Forage Fish. AGM is May 28, location TBC.
4) BCWF: AGM was last week and virtual with < 100 attendees out of 43K Members (Region 1 Van Isle is 10K).

ENVIRONMENT (Mick Collins): No report.

WEBSITE: Nothing to report.

SOCIAL (Bob Comerford & Bill Thomas):
1) June: Elk/Beaver Lake hut to be booked for Fishout & Chilli cookoff.
2) August Corn Roast: Need coordinator.
There was a good turnout for the fish out at Durrance Lake.   With 22 folks sitting around chatting and enjoying camaraderie and hotdogs.
3) Duncan Freshwater Hatchery Tour: David Cooke to investigate for September.

FLY TYING: Zoom this Saturday, Dave on Parachute Flies.

LEGACY: No report.

FUND RAISING (Barry Freeman): No report.

NEW BUSINESS: Wynn proposed join KMS point back program to club, which includes 30% off if registered, Dave Cooke to investigate.