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2022-05-03: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, May 08, 2022, 04:02:46 AM

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John Pierce

GRR Minutes 3 May 2022

Dale, Bob, Barry, Chris, Brian, Ken, Dave, Lia, Bill, Brian, Ryan, Gerry, Mick, Lee,

Zoom: Dennis, Wendy, Mike, Peter, Ron E, Jim, Pat

Mins On a motion by Barry, seconded by Dale, minutes adopted as presented.

Good morning to Zoom members

Introduction of Guests: Bill/Lia

Sunshine: Not recorded in public Minutes.

Treasurer: No report

Membership: Discussed acquisition and loss of Members. List will be sent to BCWF this week and forwarded to GRR members.

Fresh Water Fishing:
Brian - Prospect, Green Bunny Leech
Dale – Prospect - dozen RB Trout on Thursday, landed 16. 2-5 'off bottom. Bunny Leech, white tailed, chartreuse fly, 1 1/2 to 2 mi/h.
Dennis - Elk Lake - lots of algae and slime. Quality of water was very poor. Trolling with down riggers, 1 small trout
Langford Lake - reported water quality was poor, slime and algae.

Salt Water Report
Bob C - Beecher Bay 1 good strike, slow. Fish can be retained from Beecher Bay.

Library: Discussed at GRR Exec this week

Hatchery Bill - feeding fish
Putting fry in Sooke Bay net pen
Attended Fanny Bay open house this Sunday 40 booths, 640 attended
PSS: Grants coming in
Array on Millstream recording fry
ACS - meeting this week

BCWF: AGM mins not available yet

Speakers: Begin in Sept

Fly Tying: Dave - Florin Tying this Saturday, email to follow.

Conservation Mick
- BCWF $5000 from BCWF for Elk Lake for water analysis.
- work projected to done in Sept. for Elk Lake
- Acknowledged: That water quality in Elk Lake is very poor and lake is infested with invasive
- BEEs: Are boots on the ground
- New: Fishing dock is in the works
- Josie Osborne - Fishery Minister - better management of resources of Fishery.
- Indigenous Relations - consultation, stewardship groups will increase
- Brian Wilks - Articles on rethinking climate change and water management.
- Government: Funds $30 M available. $15 M go to Conservation Groups (BCWF, Ducks Unlimited), $15 M to Indigenous groups.
- Consider: Donating $1000 to PSS in the next few months
- Emergency Preparedness event for Seismic event needs to be considered.

Social: Potluck in June at Kens

May Plant Sale: 4724 West Saanich (St Michael's Church) this weekend

Website: Remove Shelbourne address

Meetings – no meetings, 17, 24 May, GONE FISHING

Business Cards and Brochures: quotes done for Business and Rack Cards. Need plan to distribute rack cards before we purchase. Decide if rack cards are worth it? Send email out of picture of cards and rack cards.

Install screen at Esquimalt Anglers soon

Adjournment: 10:52 am