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2022-05-31: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, June 07, 2022, 09:37:16 AM

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John Pierce

Golden Rods & Reels Society
Minutes of the Regular Meeting
May 31, 2022
Dave Cooke opened the meeting at 9:30am
Two prospective members were introduced
The minutes were accepted as read.
Membership: 16 members at meeting and 4 on Zoom
Treasurer: Report next week
Sunshine: Ron will get in touch with John Guinance
Social: Pot luck will be scheduled at Ken Evens home on January 28
Fresh Water:
1) Winston fished Hathaway Lake. Lots of intermittent wind caused many problems.
2) Sandy and Ron reported that fishing was tough on Peterhope Lake. It was windy, cold and hailed many times. Bob C and Mohamed both enjoyed their visit to the lake despite the inclement weather.
3) Ira fished Durrance Lake with a Booby and Ruby eyed Leech. Caught many fish and the largest fish was 19in.
4) Colin and others fished Lac Des Roche with very little success because of wind and hail.
5) Sandy had a different Peterhope adventure. Caught one fish early on.  Kamloops Hospital is a nice refuge from the cold. Bob and Sandy caught a fish each on the last day.
Saltwater: Fish are being caught and released by guides out of Sooke and Metchosin         
Tony visited the Okavango and saw 500-600 fish of various species in a pool.       
Library:  Books are now shelved and available. Sign out books on the honour system.
Fly Tying: Dave will continues with Zoom presentations or in person fly tying depending on the wishes of members, Mukulak Sedge will be one of the flies demonstrated this coming Saturday.
Legacy: Conditional commitments made to Peninsula Stream to do coordination and support of water quality. Approval of funding received for PSF so we will send them a donation of $1000 to use for water quality work. Present balance of the legacy fund is $3700

1) We have a WFT funding commitment by our club.  BCWF has given us $5000 to use for work on Elk/Beaver Lake water quality study to assess conditions before the Oxygenation equipment is installed.  GRR will have control of disbursement of funds as work proceeds.
2) Elk Lake dock project was boosted by $109,000 from Federal Govt.
3) Sannich Rotary will give the club $1000 for use to support the dock project.
4) A celebration will be planned to publicize the project being completed. Watershed security fund will be informed about our conservation projects.
New Business: 
Treasures position and Conservation officer position will be open next year. So please consider being a possible candidates for these positions.