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2022-10-04: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, October 09, 2022, 09:53:19 AM

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John Pierce

Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club
Zoom Meeting Minutes, Dated 4 Oct 2022
Place: Esquimalt Anglers and Zoom
Chaired By:  Dave Cooke
Secretary:  Bill Thomas
Called to Order:  9:30 AM
Members Attending: 17 Sandy, Dale, Colin, Brian C., Barry, Lee, Brian P., Peter, Bob C., John P. John F., Winston, Bill, John P, Dave C. Zoom: Jim M and Wynn
Minutes of Last Meeting:  none
Items Arising from the Minutes: N/A
Treasurer: John F.  NOTE: MEMBERSHIP IS DUE - $60 individual/$90 family and $20 associate Email Transfer Address:  Treasurer@goldenrodsandreels.com
Please put your name in comments section of e-trf.
Sunshine: Brian P welcomed back.
Social: Bob and Bill: Soup at Goldstream Park in Nov. Date to TBD
Fresh Water: Dale/Barry – Prospect – hard to land. Sandy – Oregon – catching Salmon and trout, but no steelhead. Courtney Lake – fishing from shore, no luck.
Salt Water: John P. – 1 small crab. Sandy is going to  mouth of San Juan next week Bob and Peter: no salmon last week Barry's brother off Sooke: 5 Coho all clipped.
Fly Tying: When Dave R get back.
Hatchery – Bill - clipping is starting. We are putting a team forward on Monday, 17 Oct. We would like 12, minimum 7. Club will buy lunch. Meet at 2979 Sooke Lake Rd at 10:50 am. We going as convoy and clip until 3:00 Please call or email Bill to confirm: equineminx555@gmail.com or 250-508-5702
-       Fence is in and repairs have been completed at fence site
PSS – Bill – Francesca has left PSS and Sue has taken her position. We wished Francesca well.
-       Many projects have been completed by PSS this summer
-       A newsletter was published by PSS, very informative. GRR members are encouraged to join PSS, $10.00 per year
 BCWF – Region 1 General Meeting at Victoria Fish and Game on 11 Dec 2022.
Meeting date was changed so that we would get the latest firsthand after BCWF Board met in the previous week.
ACS – mins forward from recent meeting
Fur and Hair – Bill – I have moose, deer, and wolf hair available.
Library: none
Legacy Fund: None
Gillie Club: Dennis none
Speakers Program: Bob – requests are in to UVic. Looking for speakers from within and without club. Any ideas, suggestions or want to share your experiences, please contact Bob C
Fund Raising:
Environment: Mick – join PSS, $10/year, October Newsletter. Wildlife – Randy Shore doing an article on Elk Lake. CRD oxygenation of Elk Lake. BC Outdoors Centre Fold will be NEW Elk Lake Dock. Met with Erica Guise author of Slow Water. Sue Pollard Fresh Water Fisheries, blip increase in funding during Covid, but now back to declining revenues. Provincial strategy for Cutthroat Trout is being looked at. CRD Parks dam, flow, fish management. GWI – Call for attendees at Conf Centre. Noted dramatic flow increases from Nov 21. Questions remain about effects of Climate Change for Salmon. Genetic mixing was questioned.
Website: Password: XXXXXX and on Jan 1/23 will be XXXXXXX
New Business:
-       Business Card John P and John F to set up.
-       Jim M available for Presentation
-       AGM Tuesday, 15 Nov 2022 Elections
-       Pinks, use a very fast strip off the beach
Meeting Adjournment: 10:30 AM