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2022-10-25: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, October 26, 2022, 12:25:21 AM

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John Pierce

Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club
Zoom Meeting Minutes, Dated 25 Oct 2022
Place: Esquimalt Anglers and Zoom
Chaired By:  Dave Cooke
Secretary:  Bill Thomas
Called to Order:  9:30 AM
Members Attending: John F, Dave C. Bill, Jim M, Dale, Dave R, Christopher, Brian P, Barry, Winston, Sandy, Ron, Ken, Gerry, Ryan, Bob C, Mike, Dennis, Colin, Peter, Garry Zoom: Mike C
Minutes of Last Meeting:  On a motion by Dale, seconded by Barry, minutes adopted as presented. CARRIED
Items Arising from the Minutes:
Treasurer: John F.  NOTE: GRR finances in good shape
Social: Bob and Bill: Goldstream Soup Potluck on Wednesday 16 Nov 11:00 am
-       Location Goldsteam Park covered pavilion
-       Soup providers are John P, Vicki, Bill T
-       We need 2 more soup providers
-       We have 2 Colman stoves and will need 1 more to keep soup warm.
Fresh Water Tony: Prospect – Black Pennell 6 RB Ken – Elk Lake – 6 RB  Dale – Prospect 12 on Wednesday, 18 on Sunday
Salt Water: Bob C & Ron – off Sooke 300-400 ft 2 Coho, 5 & 8 lbs on Anchovies Lots of whales
Fly Tying: Dave R. – Fly tying will alternate between in person and zoom. This Saturday, fly tying; 29 Oct in person, location TBD, and next Saturday Zoom: 5 Nov.
Hatchery – 16,000 clipped. Dale noted the  1st Hatchery in Canada 1894.
PSS – Bill – ongoing projects
 BCWF – 11 Dec 2022 Region 1 General Meeting at Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association, 700 Holker Place, Shawnigan Lake BC V8W 2M1.
Sports Fishing Advisory Board: The next Victoria and Area SFAB Committee meeting is on Tuesday 08 November between 7:00PM and 9:00PM at the Esquimalt Anglers Clubhouse, 1100 Munro Street (at the foot of Lampson Street in Esquimalt).  This in-person meeting is open to the public.  Parking is free and the EAA Clubhouse is upstairs in the building by the launch ramp in Fleming Beach Park.
Library: Recommended: Feather Feet by Curt Johnson – obsession with Fly Tying
Legacy Fund:
Gillie Club: Dennis: brought in a map of Elk Lake. Put sticker where you caught fish
Speakers Program: Speakers 29 Nov Sandy Photos of Africa
Fund Raising:
Environment: Mick: Legacy Fund: Craigflower – HandyDart Site tour, look at side channels established.  PSS looking at Craigflower and Colquitz. No requests for Legacy Fund to date. Vancouver Island Univ, UVic and BC Conservation Foundation doing research on Tire compounds. Coordination and Cooperation on Gorge Waterway Groups is improving.
New Business: Election Slate:
President Bill T
VP Tony O
Secretary Bob C
Treasurer Sandy R
 Social Bill and Bob
Environment: Mick (looking for understudy)
Speaker Program:
Jim M thanked GRR for Zoom Meetings
Petz rods and reels have been donated to the club. Anyone familiar with maintenance of Petz Reels, contact Barry
Meeting Adjournment: 10:15 am
Speaker: Jim Shortreed Herring Concerns Info for emails and action, forthcoming