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2023-04-04 : GRR Monthly Executive Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, April 26, 2023, 07:26:12 PM

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John Pierce

Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing Club
Executive Meeting April 4 2023

Attendees: Mick, Gerry, Dave, Sandy, Art, Mike, Bob, Bill, Dale, Barry

Outdoor Show. Mike has received no info from WCF concerning their interest in attending the Outdoor show. Mike will send an email to Haig Brown and Barry will ask at their next meeting if they are interested in sharing a BOOTH.

Business cards to be ordered this week. Mike to contact JohnF to affirm action is being taken.

Signing officers. 9:30 am Thursday. Bill to contact John.

Social. Chili pie fish out get together. May ere date May 10. Put to membership at next meeting.

Fish outs.

Questions about donation funds. Where should profit go.

Speakers program. Dave will stay on until further notice. Great job you doing Dave!

Memberships are due during the month of Nov. at start of fiscal year. Insurance due by January. Jan. 1 to June 1. ½ price for new members. Gerry will present this to club at the next meeting

Dave would like to encourage more trips to up Island rivers.

Thank You Barry for taking on the school spin casting lesson.

Mike. Trophy proposing fisherman of the year to be reinstated. 

Sept 13th start up date for new season. Speaker from Police on fraud will be booked for that date.

Meeting adjourned: 11:15 am