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2023-05-30: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, June 01, 2023, 09:29:12 AM

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John Pierce

Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club
held at Esquimalt Anglers 1101 Munro St
in Person and Zoom Meeting Minutes,
Dated  May 30 2023

Place: Esquimalt Anglers and Zoom 9:30 Am

Chaired By: Bill Thomas

Secretary: Bob Comerford

Called to Order: 9:30 AM

Attendees: Bob, Bill john, Dave, Ken, Norm, Winston Sandy Art, Mike, Johnn Ian Cameron, Mick, Wayne Ted, Jim.
Members Attending by Zoom: Jim. Win

Motion to accept the minutes last meeting: Barry and Dave Cook

Items Arising from the Minutes: Reminder of fish out at Fuller Lake June 14, More details to follow. Pink  Salmon fish out August 8, 9, 10th , in Campbell River. Three rooms reserved , $179.00 per room. See Bill Thomas if interested in going.

Treasurer Sandy Raven: Sandy Raven has logos and stickers. For your car. Thes help advertise the club. No cost.

Sunshine Wendy Gedney: No report.

Social Bob, Mike: 46th Anniversary pot luck lunch at Ken Evans to be later in June. Details at next meeting.

Membership: Jerry Away. 

Fresh Water: Barry and Dale fished Langford Lake, caught 20, fishing was slow. Lost a big one. Barry was using Bunny leach. Full sink line. Go to our Website to see how to tie the Bunny leach.
Fished Prospect lake nothing of size. Barry will concentrate on Bass fishing from now on . Sea run trout were caught at Bay St Bridge.
FishOuts: August 8, 9 10th in Campbell River Let Bill Thomas know if you wish to go.

Fly Tying: No fly tying session planed.


PSS: Ian Bruce Retired, Kyle Armstrong new Executive Director. Pit tagged Coho fish were put in Millstream. Hoping to put a camera in this year in Craigflower stream,

BCWF: No report 

ACS: No report

WFA: Bear spray instruction in Duncan. They are interested in attending our fish outs.

Library: Discussion on discontinuing library. We will leave it till September.

Legacy Fund: 

Gillie Club:
Speakers Program: Start up in September 

Fund Raising: Thank you to Ken's donation to legacy fund.

Environment Mick: Thank you to the club for the resolution to take $1,000.00 to Elk lake fund. Building for oxygenator, is being built. Our role has been to help with science behind water quality. Crd Water flow diagrams will show you which streams flow into lakes and oceans. Big thank  you  to Ian Bruce for in building up Peninsula Streams Society. 325 thousand chinook last week Net pen. Further 300,00 have will be put in this month
Mick outlined the history behind flow issues on Craigflower Creek and current efforts to gain a better understanding of hydrology and water storage capacity and management of this important watershed.
He recommended the CRD website with a search on watersheds and flow diagrams. The flow diagrams in particular show the lakes and tributary orders on numerous watersheds throughout the region.
We are hopeful that a beaver management project will be funded and will build on the success and interest generated by the smolt counting initiative.


New Business: Tuesday June 20 lunch at Spinnakers for appreciation for John Francis's great work for club. Last Tuesday of each month club members go out for lunch. a Club Pins available for $10.00 Stickers available for your car.

Meeting Adjourned: 10:20 am