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2024-02-06 : GRR Monthly Executive Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, February 24, 2024, 01:38:29 AM

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John Pierce

Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Fishing Club
Executive Meeting Feb 6, 2024

Attendees: Bill, Gerry, Tony, Dennis, Mike, Lyle,
Attendees by Zoom:

Minutes of last meeting: Not read

Treasurers Report: Sandy Raven not in Attendance but Financials were sent to members and approved in the General meeting

Membership Fees: Not Discussed

Business Cards:  Sandy not available.

Financial: Little money coming from Fairway card. last year three people used them so no change from previous meeting.

Proceeds From Sale: Extensive discussion was spent on differing views as to the allocation of the funds generated and which account should receive the funds – no final decision was made as Sandy Raven was not present and final decision to be made with a meeting to include Sandy Raven and Sandy McIlroy – Additional point to be discussed is why we need to have separate accounts going forward.

Possible upcoming legislative decision on land usage with Indigenous Peoples – Extensive discussion on this subject in General Meeting and Executive meeting – Lyle to consult with Gerry to send a letter to the relevant Government Department/s requesting proposals, details and necessary information to enable an informed letter endorsed by the club to be sent if it is deemed to adversely effect membership

Members Promoting non Fishing related subjects: Certain members have in the past stood up to discuss items or have sent links and or Mail to the Forum which have nothing to do with club business or principles (Such as political opinions) – General membership to be informed that we are a fishing and Social Club and that these are not appropriate

Outdoor Show: Will be coming soon – Mike G to be point on organizing but will need help and commitment from members – discussion on point of sale and ideas for attracting new members to be discussed.

Social: Not Discussed

New Business: Not discussed

Meeting adjourned: 12:05pm.