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2022-03-22: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, April 09, 2022, 07:03:00 PM

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John Pierce

Golden Rods and Reels Fishing and Social Club

Meeting Minutes, Dated 22 MARCH 2022
Place:  Esquimalt Anglers and Zoom
Chaired By:  Dave Cooke
Secretary:  Bill Thomas
Called to Order:  9:43 AM
Members Attending:  Dave Cooke, John Francis, Bill Thomas, Dale, Barry, Dave Robinson, Ken, Brian Palas, Ron, Peter, Lee, Sandy, Art, Gerry, Mick, Ryan, Chris, Dave Larson,
Zoom: Wynn, Michael, Tony, Dennis
New Member: Gerry Walsh introduced himself
Minutes of Last Meeting: On a motion by Barry, seconded by John F, minutes adopted as emailed. Carried

Items Arising from the Minutes:

Treasurer: John F. Report sent out. Of note: $1000 donated to Sooke Net Pen, Membership Fees due, will lose some memberships this year.
Sunshine: Not published publicly.

Fresh Water: Dale: Durrance a few fish, Prospect not good this week. Mohamed had no luck, even in his dreams!! March Browns
Salt Water: WFA fished Sooke Basin last weekend, no report

Fly Tying: Zoom Fly tying this Saturday, Doc Spratley by Dave R and Chironomids by Mohamed
Legacy Fund:
Gillie Club: Dennis – there was a discussion on Fish Farms
Buttle Lake: there are problems with the new booking system
Speakers Program: No Speaker
Fund Raising:

Volunteering/Hatchery: Bill –
Hatchery - haven't started ponding Elvin yet. Was inspected by UVic Animal Care Committee, passed with flying colours.
PSS – applying for many grants. One staff member (Carmen) leaving.
ACS – mins passed to GRR Chat
BCWF Region 1 – BCWF AGM Nanaimo 23-24 April
Environment: Mick
CRD meeting on O2 Elk Lake, aerator in place by this time next year $1.4 M
Elk Lake Fishing Dock – progressing Noted that GRR was instrumental in procuring and putting in place current Dock. Has a picture overview of installation of old dock.
Water Quality reports are being done on various watersheds. We hope to plot trends of various watersheds.
Craigflower Watershed – 10,000 fry released
Noted that GRR is continuing to do good works for conservation of lower Vancouver Island
Website: Dale suggested a second chatline with broader topic choices i.e., jokes, controversial items, fishing discussions, etc. This will be discussed at next meeting and with John P.
New Business: 
Dale – Suggested a recruitment plan including flies Dale will donate - These stocked fly boxes could also be sold to members as a fund raiser. We have fly boxes with GRR logo in stock.
GRR Logo in 2 sizes are available from John F, no charge

Meeting Adjournment: 10:40 AM
Speaker: No speaker