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2022-06-07: GRR Weekly Meeting, Minutes

Started by John Pierce, June 12, 2022, 07:30:49 AM

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John Pierce

7 Jun Mins
Esquimalt Anglers

Attendance: Will Thomas, Brian Palas, Winston, Lee, Barry, Careene, Don Bartlett, Dave Robinson, Ira, Art, Sandy, Ryan, Gerry, Zoom: Peter, Pat, Dale, Jim, Mike

On a motion by Sandy, seconded by Brian, mins were adopted as presented.

Intro: 2 guests Carene Robertson Fish all her life, Don Bartlett - fresh water Salmon

Sunshine: no report Ron Duncan to see how John is.

Peter and Pat in Buttle Lake were at Buttle Lake, Peter is doing well

Ryan was thanked by Jim for his phone calls

Treasurer Report: we are in good shape

Fresh Water: Buttle Lake Bill got 14 fish. Dale landed over 100 fish over the 2 weeks, Dennis got the biggest fish, 15". A couple of  Dolly Varden were caught and released. There was a bear in campsite for the period GRR was there. Recommended we don't leave peanuts or bird seed out for him!

Salt Water: Oak Bay starting to show, but no retention Halibut: 9-15 lbs

Hatchery – feeding fry
PSS – active in writing grants
ACS – mins available soon
WFA - looking for Fly Casting Instructor for their Clinic at Sooke River Campground on 16 Jun. A BBQ follows.

Fly Tying - Florin will be doing Fly tying this weekend

Elk Lake Dock - received $1000 from Rotary
Legacy - $1000 to PSS
A Company has been selected to build Elk Lake Dock

John F - stepping down as Treasurer/Membership at end of year
Mick - stepping down as Conservation Director

Adjourn: 10:04 AM